From cc: to CMO—How Digideck LIVE is Streamlining Virtual Sales

Digideck Live

When we launched Digideck LIVE, we had a very specific goal in mind: helping businesses bridge the gap between communicating virtually and engaging audiences effectively.

Tools like Zoom and Facetime are great for connecting and communicating. However, as many organizations learned, they were never meant for presenting and pitching in the B2B space.

At the start of the decade, businesses felt like they were losing ownership of their pitches, proposals, and internal communications with every extra tab they had open. In 2020, we launched Digideck LIVE as a simplified, single site for your presentations, chats, meetings, and video conferences.

Soon enough, we saw our thesis proven right.

With the right tools—on the right platform, Digideck LIVE users can take back ownership of how they present, and boost engagement higher than they’ve seen before.

Digideck LIVE Gives You:

  • One-link, One-Window Functionality for all of your presentation/engagement needs

  • Real-Time Alerts to engage with viewers right when they’re viewing

  • LIVE waiting rooms giving back control over when and where they view your presentation

  • Co Browing Mode to keep everyone focused, and on track

  • Video Conferencing that’s built into your presentation

  • Chat Functionality that connects questions to slides, and aligns users with the audience instantly

  • Gong Integration for recording + transcribing

Our initial launch was internal. Quickly, we saw what features were getting used the most, and watched a pattern form:

  • Real-Time alerts triggered a response from our users

  • Messaging functionality in-presentation kept engagement high

  • Video chats sped up the sales cycle in ways we hadn’t predicted

We Knew We Were On the Right Track When We Heard this Story:

Michael Gaio, Digideck’s Sales Director was one of the first users of Digideck LIVE.

It started with a Real-Time Alert.
Michael built out a custom Digideck presentation for a prospect. With all the functionality of a website, Digideck LIVE made it his one source of truth for the customer’s journey.

He built a connection with Chat Functionality. 
AI is nice, but everyone that’s used a website in the last year knows it’s better, faster, and more effective to get your questions answered by a real person. Digideck LIVE keeps users connected to their prospects whenever they need help. Slide-Sync took him to the same slide where his prospect was. He answered questions right in the presentation. He noticed the chat responses on the other end were receptive, but they needed some more info.

Using Video Chat and Co-Browsing, he boosted engagement.
As questions kept coming, getting more and more specific, he suggested a video chat. Rather than outsourcing to Zoom or another app, he hosted the chat directly in the presentation and opened Co-Browsing to sync up slides with everyone in the call.

What he didn’t expect—was getting introduced to this company’s CMO during the video chat.
They got the link from the original viewer and wanted to see it for themselves. A few days later, they were signing on as the newest clients.

“Getting the contact info of a Fortune 500 C-Level executive would have taken months. By using Digideck LIVE, we can shorten the sales cycle dramatically, and engage with audiences all within one tab, and one presentation.”

“Getting the contact info of a Fortune 500 C-Level executive would have taken months. By using Digideck LIVE, we can shorten the sales cycle dramatically, and engage with audiences all within one tab, and one presentation.”

-Michael Gaio | Sales Director

Your Best Just Got Better.

Over the last decade, our product has made professional presentations that look better, take less time to build, and are fully tailored to your customer.

Now, with Digideck LIVE, our partners’ presentations are just as good in-person or online.

As the world returns to talks around the water cooler, in-person pitches, daily meetings in the office, and regular occupancy at restaurants, professionals have to learn how to do things differently. You deserve a presentation platform that builds presentations + content that makes your life easier.

Get in touch, and we’ll build a custom presentation, just for you.

If you’re already using Digideck, and want to use LIVE to accelerate revenue, check out our How-To here: