Web-Based Integrations to Enhance Experiences

Enhance the experience with web-based integrations

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Without actively tracking it, you probably wouldn’t notice how much time you spend shifting between apps and webpages. But this study shows that workers across three big employers toggled between different apps and websites 1,200 times a day. That adds up to about 4 hours a week or 5 weeks a year. That’s a pretty significant amount of time spent navigating.

Some of this is necessary, of course. But, what if there was a way to limit even a little of the back and forth toggling?

At DIGIDECK, we’re always looking for ways to increase productivity and efficiency. Saving time is a huge part of that but so is leveraging as much of your current technology as possible. Even small companies are feeling the impact of app overload with so many options out there. In fact, another study showed that on average, companies deployed 89 different apps in 2021. Of those, close to 30% are duplicative of existing apps or add no real value. What a waste of time, effort and resources!

Additionally, having disparate pieces of information spread out across separate apps and programs can cause a negative impact on the customer experience, not to mention, the overall user experience.

DIGIDECK doesn’t want to add complexity to your tech stack. That’s why we partner with other leading companies such as Salesforce and Canva with direct, web-based integrations. Here are a few ways we optimize our web-based format to keep our user experience at the top of its game.


Salesforce provides customer relationship management (CRM) software and apps focused on sales, customer service, marketing automation, analytics and app development. This integration allows Salesforce users to build and deploy a DIGIDECK presentation directly in the Salesforce application. With a click of a button, personalized presentations are created using automatically populated Salesforce fields. Once the presentation is sent out, you can take advantage of the full functionality of Salesforce by creating tasks, email cadences and more for a thorough and timely follow-up.


Canva’s online graphic design tool has provided designers and non-designers alike the ability to create marketing materials, invitations, social media posts, etc., using its expansive library of images, illustrations, fonts and templates. DIGIDECK’s integration with Canva allows you to create, edit and place Canva designs into DIGIDECK presentations without leaving the platform. This web-based integration helps Canva and DIGIDECK users save time and storage space by removing the necessity of downloading and uploading files.


Gong analyzes customer-facing interactions across multiple channels to deliver real-time insights. The Gong integration allows users to record and simultaneously sync their DIGIDECK LIVE sessions.


Bynder’s digital asset management platform enables teams to collaborate in the cloud, go-to-market faster and maximize the impact of their marketing assets. While DIGIDECK has its own built-in asset management system, this web-based integration makes it easy for teams already set up in Bynder to start using DIGIDECK. All Bynder assets are easily accessible from within the DIGIDECK platform.

Last But Not Least

Because DIGIDECK is web-based, we can connect with virtually any software out there. Some of the most commonly used programs include HubSpot, Marketo and Microsoft Dynamics.

Looking for something else? Send us a note in the chat bubble and we’ll let you know if we can make it happen! In the meantime, see how the San Francisco Giants use DIGIDECK’s Salesforce integration for their ticketing renewal campaigns.

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