Now Introducing Digideck’s Digital Showroom Experience

Create a personalized consultation with your clients using Digideck technology to transform your product catalog into a Digital Showroom Experience. Digideck is your connection catalyst whether you are presenting remote, in store, at a trade show, using a kiosk, equipping customers with a tablet, or meeting in a boardroom.

What does Digital Showroom mean? Think kiosk mode: Your in-store customers will utilize Digideck on a tablet or other device, browsing a digital version of your catalogue and selecting their favorite products. When customers are done browsing the catalog, they simply submit their contact information in order to get their specific “favorited” products sent in a custom link to their email. And the best part? With Digideck’s integration capabilities, all of the information is captured in your CRM automatically to optimize your sales cycle and empower your sellers.

The Digideck Showroom Experience isn’t limited to just your store. Present over screen share, at a trade show, or in your customer’s homes with a tablet using this powerful technology. . Let Digideck do the work for you!

Digideck technology can facilitate a direct connection between customers and your product catalog in virtually any scenario. Staying in touch with prospects while gathering their unique data and preferences has never been easier. Discover the versatility of Digideck!