Leveraging Enhanced Analytics Capabilities For Insightful Selling

DIGIDECK’s back-end analytics have long equipped users with real-time statistics and alerts to understand prospect interests and purchase intent. Now, we are proud to announce DIGIDECK’s analytics capabilities have been further enhanced for the benefit of our customers!

More Details, More Confidence For Sellers

With DIGIDECK’s new analytics reporting, users can now not only see when a presentation is viewed, but they can now see where the presentation was viewed, which device type was used, and can even access the contact information of who viewed the presentation for each unique session.

Fields for capturing a user’s contact information can be turned on or off at any time. Users can choose to activate various inputs, including first and last name, company name, email and phone number, or even create their own for maximum customization.

Information gathered through these new analytics features can now paint a full picture into the interests and activities of each prospect during important moments in the sales cycle. Do you see that more prospects are viewing custom proposals on their mobile device than you originally anticipated? Optimize your presentations for a favorable viewing experience on a smaller screen. Do you see that the same presentation was viewed on both the East and West coasts within a matter of minutes? Understand that your link was likely forwarded to leadership and therefore the likelihood of purchase / conversion is favorable.

Information like this will equip your sales team with all of the ammunition they need to engage in highly targeted conversation that will result in shortened a sales cycle. With meaningful, relevant conversation, prospects are now able to make purchasing decisions faster than ever and with confidence.

As DIGIDECK continues to expand into new markets, verticals, and territories, we’re confident these enhanced analytics capabilities will continue to set our customers up for success and position them for the future as technology rapidly advances and immersive selling becomes a critical way to stand out among your competition. 

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