Create An Experience, Not A Presentation

An Experience Economy

In 1999, Joseph Pine and James Gilmore published their book, “The Experience Economy,” which has been praised by economists and used by leading brands to evolve their business and marketing strategies. In fact, experiential marketing was a byproduct of Pine and Gilmores’ research. One major distinction of an experience economy over others is the effect it has on buyers. As Pine and Gilmore state:

An experience occurs when a company intentionally uses services as the stage, and goods as props, to engage individual customers in a way that creates a memorable event. Commodities are fungible, goods tangible, services intangible, and experiences memorable.

Customers are buying the experiences they get from the products and services they purchase and are no longer basing purchase decisions on price or on the product or service alone. In a B2B environment, it is not the big names on a logo slide or products or features that connect with the customer, it is the “why” that matters most. Having a clearly defined “why” your company, your products, your services, and your employees are the best choice in helping your customers or prospects is the secret in great storytelling. Painting this picture of the “promised land” allows you to take your audience through an experience, not a presentation. However, selling this experience during your meetings can be a challenge when it comes to traditional presentation software.

While your brand, products, and services bring your clients a lot of value, the emotional story may get lost in your presentations. If you are looking to create an immersive, memorable experience for your clients and prospects during the sales and renewal process, then it is time to begin using a cloud-based presentation platform.

Experience Selling

As mentioned, experiential marketing started receiving credible attention in the early 2000s as a new way to engage with customers. With the advent of the cloud, sales tools are more prolific than ever and we now have the technology needed to sell in an experiential way. Experiential selling can only happen by evolving your sales tactics so that every touch-point you have with your prospects and customers creates a lasting impression.

Think about the last presentation you participated in when the presenter was using traditional presentation software. At any point during the meeting did your eyes start to glaze over? How many times did you check your phone? What was one slide or one aspect of the presentation that you clearly remember? If you are drawing a blank, it is okay. So are we.

While your sales decks may be beautifully designed, your presentation software prevents you from doing anything that can be classified as remarkable, memorable, or game-changing. That is why more companies are relying on Digideck to deliver a truly immersive experience that will bring your story to life.

Digideck has the power to take your prospects on an adventure. By combining the deep functionality of a website with the ease-of-use of presentation software, you now have the power to immerse your prospects and customers in an experience. Digideck allows you to play seamless video (background or foreground), include movie-quality motion graphics, and incorporate powerful animated GIFs and infographics to bring your story to life and connect with prospects and customers on an emotional level. With Digideck, you now have the creative freedom to transform your sales pitch into an experience and leave every sales meeting WOWing your audience.

When a presentation becomes an experience, your customers and prospects are actively participating because you’ve made an emotional connection with them. You want a prospect’s first exposure to your brand to be a memorable one. You can never have a second first impression. Digideck allows you to compete on an entirely different level because your prospects are not just looking at slides, they are experiencing your brand and your culture, and will remember every part of that experience.

In today’s selling environment, engagement needs to be an experience as well in order to stick out from the crowd. Meeting the buyer when and where they want to be met is pivotal in providing a quality buying experience.

Experience selling technology such as Digideck Live is evolving how sellers navigate funnel engagement. The ability to engage in real-time with prospects or clients via chat or video in their web-based platform offer sellers that ability to truly meet the buyer when they’re ready.

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