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Account based marketing is making a major difference in today’s modern sales and marketing practices. The one-size-fits-all sales and marketing approach of recent decades is being thrown out and replaced with the personalized and relationship-focused strategies of account based marketing. 

Not only are there considerable ROI benefits according to ITSMA, customization also provides  broader implications including innovation and customer success.

Even though the idea of customizing every sales presentation is exciting, sales and marketing professionals are often concerned that this will create more work for them in the long run. (And with the wrong platform, it often does.)

Thankfully, the top custom sales presentation platform DIGIDECK allows sales and marketing teams to create fully customized presentations in less time, not more.

Let’s take a closer look at the elements you should be customizing in your sales pitches and the DIGIDECK features that make it a breeze.

Which Elements of a Sales Presentation Should be Customized?

You’ve seen a basic PowerPoint. Your prospects have seen a basic PowerPoint. Everyone’s seen a basic PowerPoint. 

That’s why customizing the details and approach of your presentations is vital. Be sure to include the following points:

  • Specify names: An obvious first step to shaping each presentation for a specific client is to incorporate their company name throughout the presentation. Don’t shy away from individual names as well whenever it’s appropriate to include them. 
  • Incorporate their logo: Your prospect is the hero of your story, so be sure to incorporate their logo throughout your presentation for a personalized touch.
  • Show them what they care about: Since your objective is to build a long-term relationship with your potential (and existing) clients, one way to show them you’re listening is to make sure their presentation is geared toward only what is relevant to them. If they’ve asked for information about specific products or services, make sure those items are included. If they are focusing on a particular region or a distinct audience, provide them with materials that make you an obvious choice for their needs, without cluttering your message with a full menu service offering that can make you appear less focused.
  • Optimize for mobile & offline viewing: People are using a variety of platforms to access content these days and you must ensure your presentation is visually appealing and functional across all of them. An easy but sometimes overlooked detail is to make sure your prospects and sales team can view the presentation on any platform or device, online and offline.
  • Incorporate interactivity: Bring your presentation off the page by including interactive maps, charts, or calculators that directly apply to your prospect’s use case.
  • Share applicable case studies: Sharing a generic case study in every presentation is okay. Sharing specific case studies related to your prospect’s industry and use case goes much further! Be sure to customize related content like case studies and testimonials for an extra personal touch.

Use DIGIDECK to Customize Presentations Without Sacrificing Marketing Capacity

Does this sound familiar? Your marketing team is already stretched too thin; now, sales is asking for even more content with the same number of marketers on staff. 

DIGIDECK is the #1 custom sales deck platform because of its ability to help sales and marketing teams create 100% customized presentations in half the amount of time as traditional methods. 

Here’s how DIGIDECK makes custom sales presentations without sacrificing your marketing capacity:

1) Automations

DIGIDECK stands apart from the competition because of its innovative approach to automation. No other presentation software on the market can use customer data to automatically customize presentations to include only the most valuable content for each prospective customer. 

A select few automation features that allow you to customize your presentation in just a few clicks include:

Hotspot Technology

Want to incorporate your prospect’s logo in multiple activations but don’t want to spend hours Photoshopping their logo onto applicable photos?

DIGIDECK utilizes Hotspot Technology to solve this exact problem. With Hotspots, you can automatically superimpose your prospect’s logo onto relevant photos and slides. A fantastic feature for sponsorship sales!

DIGIDECK Capture Qualifying Forms

Take the guesswork out of your presentation customization. With DIGIDECK Capture, you can provide a qualifying online form that your prospect must answer before viewing a presentation. Once they select their answers and submit the form, DIGIDECK automatically creates a customized presentation based on their inputs and sends it directly to their inbox in seconds. 

DIGIDECK Capture allows you to accomplish personalization in seconds, rather than hours.

Dynamic Text Fields

Fill in your prospect’s name, industry, location, and more with Dynamic Text Fields. Instead of manually updating every slide with your prospect’s information, you can utilize Dynamic Text Fields to accomplish all at once.

2) CRM Integrations

With the right integrations within your tech stack, you can create a customized presentation based on your customer’s data directly from a lead or contact form in your CRM.

DIGIDECK has integration capabilities with the following CRMs:

  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Marketo
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • KORE Software
  • SponsorCX

Add-ons are also available for Canva, YouTube, and BombBomb.

Don’t see your CRM on this list? DIGIDECK’s versatile HTML component makes multiple integrations possible. Our Solutions Engineering team will work to see if we can make it happen!

Graphic of DIGIDECK integrations

3) Centralized Media Library

Every sales and marketing professional knows how time-consuming it is to sort through multiple folders and locations to track down the exact image you’re looking for. With DIGIDECK, all of your media assets live in one centralized location.

4) AI Assist

AI is arguably the biggest buzzword in the industry at the moment. Is your team leveraging the power it can provide? With DIGIDECK AI Assist, you can:

  • Summarize meeting notes and phone calls to include relevant information you’ve discussed with your prospect
  • Revamp existing content on your slides
  • Generate new, personalized content with intentional AI prompts 

Enable Your Sales Team With Custom Presentations

Sales and marketing teams have the same goal: people using their product or service. Yes, both teams take different paths to reach the goal, but with DIGIDECK, revenue teams work from the same platform working in-sync and more aligned than ever before.

With DIGIDECK, you’ll join 500+ of top organizations across the globe to gain dynamically designed presentations complete with viewership analytics, consistent brand integrity, automations & integrations, live chat capabilities, and much more. 

Want to see the entire suite of custom presentation features for yourself? Request a free 30-minute demo to learn more about how DIGIDECK will help your team create personalized presentations that convert in half the time.

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