Customize Every Sales Presentation without Sacrificing Marketing Capacity

Account based marketing is making a difference in today’s modern marketing practices.  Clients are noticing incredible differences when the one-size-fits-all marketing approach of recent decades is thrown out and replaced with the personalized and relationship-focused account based marketing. Not only are there considerable jumps in ROI according to ITSMA, there are also broader implications including innovation and customer success.

However, along with the excitement, often comes hesitation from marketers knowing this will likely mean more work for them in the long run. Questions like ‘Customized presentations for every sales pitch–what does that mean, exactly?’ and ‘How much customization is really necessary?’ are common among skeptics. 

Which Elements of a Sales Presentation Should be Customized?

  • Names and logos – An obvious first step to shaping each presentation for a specific client is to incorporate their company name and logo throughout.
  • Show them what they care about – Since your objective is to build a long-term relationship with your potential (and existing) clients, one way to show them you’re listening is to make sure their presentation is geared toward only what is relevant to them. If they’ve asked for information about specific products or services, make sure those items are included. If they are focusing on a particular region or a distinct audience, provide them with materials that make you an obvious choice for their needs, without cluttering your message with a full menu service offering that can make you appear less focused.
  • Give them an experience – We’ve all sat in meetings before when someone carries on with a dry, wordy presentation–people tune out. Don’t fall victim to this all-to-common practice. Provide engaging visuals and videos that show–not tell–your story.
  • Beautiful and seamless, everywhere, every time. – People are using a variety of platforms to access content these days and you must ensure your presentation is visually appealing and functional across all of them. An easy, but sometimes overlooked, detail is to make sure your prospects and sales team can view the presentation on any platform or device, online and offline.


How to Customize without Increasing Marketing Capacity

Your marketing team is already stretched too thin; where will you get the bandwidth to personalize every pitch? Don’t be discouraged. Even with your workload, there are ways to implement account based marketing while keeping your team efficient and effective. 


First, prioritize your most significant prospects. There is a reason everyone’s heard the phrase “get the biggest bang for your buck.” It makes sense to first use your time on your largest opportunities. 

Enable Your Sales Team

Sales and marketing teams have the same goal: people using their product. Yes, both teams take different paths to reach the goal, but there is a way for marketers to help guide the sales team  without spending too much of their capacity and without interrupting the sellers process: The Digideck

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Does the idea of creating another presentation from scratch make you want to pull your hair out? Let us help. Work with our world-class design team to build a Master Deck customized to fit your brand specifications and built with Preselects for different regions, products, or services. 

Have you ever had a client call into question data that is no longer true or inconsistent throughout materials? Never have that issue again with Global Update giving you the ability to push through updates to your content at any time. 

When was the last time you cringed after looking at a presentation that you created which was edited by another team member and no longer meets your brand standards? Sleep through the night knowing that your brand governance remains intact with Digideck.

Real Digideck Customers: Jostens

In 2016 , Jostens started using Digideck to help maximize the value of their independent sales reps with excellent results. Like you, they wanted to guarantee their sales reps were using the most updated and timely information, they wanted to be sure their presentations were having an impact, and they wanted to monitor sales activity to make sure the sales reps had the collateral they needed to be successful. 

You can save time, energy, and money with Digideck, too!

“The Digideck conveys the excitement and value of our memorabilia. We stand apart with engaging multimedia presentations. The platform has been a boon to our sales process by allowing us to tailor custom presentations for everyone one of our sales reps.”

Claudia Fierro-Poppen, Director of Marketing at Jostens

Your marketing teams capacity doesn’t need to be consumed by sales demands. 

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