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Unleash Your FULL Customization Potential:
DIGIDECK For Sponsorship & Ticketing

The fast-paced, ultra-competitive sports world continues to be ALL about custom experiences and stories: 

  • Custom jerseys. 
  • Custom arena marketing.
  • Custom activations.

Why? Because customization is a revenue driver in the world of sports, entertainment, and beyond. Epsilon research reports that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized, tailored experiences. Your storytelling matters when it comes to closing more deals.

The highest-performing sponsorship and ticketing teams continue to embrace customization in all facets of their game – and with technology, the possibilities are endless:


50% of teams across all five major leagues (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS) use DIGIDECK for fully customized presentations and elevated storytelling — complete with time-saving automations, integration capabilities, and trackable analytics. 

Dive into how customization takes new heights with DIGIDECK including real ways our 500+ partners around the globe use our platform for sponsorship and ticketing efforts that result in real revenue.

Levels of Customization Achievable in DIGIDECK (Hint: ANY Level)

In recent years, the DIGIDECK platform has transformed from what it once was. Customization is now easier than ever to achieve + benefit from with DIGIDECK.

How? We continue to evolve our platform to meet the moving demands of customization, including implementing our newest drag and drop editor, Design Center, and Master Styles. 

Think about Apple products— using PPTs and PDFs for sponsorship and ticketing presentations is like trusting an iPhone 10 to impress… But with DIGIDECK, your team is using iPhone 15 level technology to stand out from the crowd.

There’s a whole world of customization possible within DIGIDECK— from simple features to full-blown transformation of content that take on the look and feel of the prospect you’re pitching to. 

“Basic” But Effective Customization

Common uses of our more basic customization features include:

  • Automatically superimposing your prospect’s logo in applicable areas of your presentation with Hotspot Technology
  • Using Dynamic Text Fields to automatically customize your presentations to include name, company, and more with one click
  • Integrating your DAM (digital asset management) application to incorporate specific versions of your activations, membership suites, recaps, and more from your existing content library 
  • Automatically swap images in presentations to better suit specific scenarios through Presentation Flows or with one click in our drag-and-drop editor

These features allow presenters to move quickly, maintain internal brand integrity, and demonstrate intentionality with the prospect they’re presenting to. 

Some of the most powerful brands in sports use these basic customization features to achieve new revenue records season after season.

“Full” Customization

In instances where you want to completely transform your presentation to take on the look and feel of your audience’s brand, DIGIDECK can accomplish this as well. 

In the DIGIDECK platform, you’re never confined or restricted to one set of brand colors, fonts, or menu options. 

Within the DIGIDECK Design Center, you can customize:

  • Colors
  • Fonts & Styling
  • Logos
  • Media: images, video, audio
  • Arrows & Navigation

Having access to all your design features in one centralized location makes larger customization efforts a breeze. 

Additional features automate large-scale personalization efforts:

  • Master Styles: Allows users to define a completely separate branded look and feel for each segment of their business. Users can swap from one look to another with a few clicks, even after the content has been completed. 
  • Global Updates: Allows organizations to continue to customize existing content after launch by offering the option to quickly update every existing presentation when changes are made in the Master Deck past, present, and future. 
  • CRM Integrations: Lets users automatically create custom presentations directly from a contact or lead profile allowing them to craft, send, + track all from one tab without ever leaving their CRM.

DIGIDECK Customization For Sponsorship: Where Personalized Performs

DIGIDECK is a game-changer for sponsorship across sports, venues, hospitality, and entertainment. With our front row seat to what the pros do best, here’s the best way to think about sponsorship:

For lucrative Sponsorship efforts, a Full Customization approach is often best.

For example purposes, let’s say that you’re presenting a sales pitch or proof of performance recap to BP. 

Within DIGIDECK, you can customize every aspect of your presentation to match BP’s branding. Including:

  • The exact HEX codes of their green and yellow brand colors
  • BP’s font
  • Replacing your logo with BP’s
  • The navigation menu
  • Navigation arrows
  • Videos that feature their logo
  • Interactive elements like maps and charts

Users can accomplish all of this directly within Design Center, Master Styles, or even with a blank template. 

DIGIDECK Customization For Ticketing: Where Automation Shines

When it comes to ticketing, automation utilizing customization takes precedence over an obvious human touch. Presentations for ticketing prospects need to include custom content based on their interests and intent directly from the team’s CRM or database giving reps hours of time back in their day by allowing technology to do the work. 

Helpful features for automated ticketing customizations include:

  • DIGIDECK Capture: Viewers fill out a qualifying form, and a custom DIGIDECK presentation is automatically created based on their inputs and sent to their inbox in seconds. (Try it for yourself here!)
  • CRM Integrations: Integrate your CRM to auto-fill content fields based on customer data directly from their lead or contact profile to automate renewal campaigns or ticket offerings. 
  • 360° Venue Tours: Include panoramic virtual tours of applicable premium suites and seating areas based on your prospect’s preferences.
  • Hotspots: Quickly superimpose your prospect’s logo onto relevant areas of premium suites, or group areas with one click to demonstrate exactly what game-day will look like.

DIGIDECK Sets the Standard for Customizable Presentations

No matter what level of customization your team leverages, DIGIDECK is the platform of choice for truly tailor-made experiences. From automated fields to full-blown branding overhauls, users can accomplish next-level personalization within DIGIDECK to captivate, impress, and convert prospective sponsors and ticket buyers efficiently. 

Curious to know more? Schedule a free 30-minute demo to see these features in action!

Current DIGIDECK partners looking to learn more about implementing customization features are encouraged to reach out to their Customer Success Manager.

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