NASCAR Hospitality Tickets & Packages: Selling the Ultimate Fan Experience

NASCAR Hospitality Tickets & Packages: Selling the Ultimate Fan Experience

NASCAR viewership peaked in 2005, and, like all other live sporting events, attendance dropped after the 2008 recession. 

Since then, NASCAR has been in pursuit of reinvigorating race day attendance and broadcast viewership. In order to reach the younger generation and sell more tickets? Racing events need to be cool. 😎

Greg Engle with Forbes says, “Much of that coolness isn’t about selling a ticket to a sporting event; it’s about enhancing the fan experience once at the event.” 

Let’s explore how your organization can create the ultimate fan experience when selling NASCAR hospitality tickets and on race day itself.

What Can NASCAR Hospitality Packages Include?

There are two main ways to purchase a hospitality experience for a NASCAR race:

  • Directly through authorized track ticketing
  • Through a 3rd party hospitality organization

When purchasing tickets directly through NASCAR authorized tracks, fans can purchase all-inclusive hospitality experiences or select from a few choice premium “race day extras” in addition to their tickets. 3rd party hospitality companies typically only offer all-inclusive packages. 

Hospitality packages and add-ons include:

Tickets to the Race

Of course, every NASCAR hospitality package needs to include tickets to the race! Different package options can include premium club tickets for just one series or for the entire weekend. 

Hotel Accommodations

Hospitality packages both include hotel accommodations at a nearby hotel. The length of the fans’ stay depends on the individual package they select. Standard room types vary, from King rooms to two-room suites.a

Transportation to the Track or Premium Parking

If the hospitality package includes a hotel stay, it should also include free transportation to the track. Every NASCAR fan knows how busy traffic gets on race day, so provided transportation goes a long way with spectators.

Premium parking is a popular add-on or “extra” provided directly through the track. This is ideal for fans who don’t want a full hospitality package but want to take advantage of a smoother parking experience on race day.

Pit Road Passes

Pit road passes let fans view the crews setting up pit boxes and equipment and staging cars on race day. Superfans appreciate having this additional insight into race day.

Private Suites

Offered directly through the individual track, private hospitality suites are a hot ticket item for race day. Not only do these lounges, clubs, and suites offer premium views of the races, but they also often include benefits like:

  • Indoor & outdoor seating
  • Food and drink packages
  • Parking passes
  • Souvenir gifts

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage options are typically included in hospitality packages centered around private suite tickets. However, 3rd party hospitality companies may provide catering services in a hospitality tent at select races.

Additional Events & Entertainment

NASCAR has elevated race day to a full-blown experience by often providing pre-race entertainment. This typically takes the form of a concert by a popular performer. Other available events may include meet and greet sessions with drivers or performers, tailgating, or track tours.

Scanners & Seat Cushions

Little things go a long way for comfort and a premium experience. Some of the most common add-ons through NASCAR include scanners and seat cushions. Scanners allow fans to hear driver and team communications during the race. They also provide hearing protection from all the loud noises. Seat cushions allow for comfortable padded seating during the race.

How to Improve NASCAR Hospitality Ticket Selling

With such incredible hospitality packages available for NASCAR fans of all ages, how do you accurately convey their value through your sales process? Try these three tips for a more immersive selling experience.

1) 360° Suite Views

Place your prospective customers directly into the excitement of race day by sharing 360° panoramic views of your premium suites and lounges. You can also share an interactive virtual tour of other popular locations, such as:

  • Pit road
  • The track
  • Garages
  • Even the parking lot!

Allowing group sale prospects to see exactly what they would be signing up for helps reduce hesitation in the sales process and sets clear expectations for race day.

2) Incorporate Your CRM

Your CRM is likely full of valuable customer data— are you using it to its full potential? Manually incorporating information from your CRM into your sales pitch is always an option, but automating the process with a CRM integration is even better. To do this, you’ll need to graduate from PowerPoint and PDFs to a tech-forward presentation platform like DIGIDECK.

3) Personalize Your Content

One-size-fits-all ticketing sales presentations are underwhelming and basic. In order to spend additional money, prospective customers need to feel seen, heard, and valued. They want to be treated like a real person by your sales team, not a number.

As you create your sales presentation, be sure to personalize the following aspects:

  • Names
  • Colors
  • Copy/verbiage (is your prospect traveling from out of state? Include a personal detail that demonstrates your attention to detail.)
  • Pricing tiers specific to their interests

Do It All in One Place With DIGIDECK

Wondering how you’re going to accomplish 360° venue tours, CRM integrations, and personalized content in PowerPoint, Google Slides, or a PDF? The truth? These limiting tools can’t help you elevate your presentations or create an exciting fan experience.

But DIGIDECK can. 

Over 500 leading organizations across the world including leading motorsports brands like John Force Racing and Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing leverage DIGIDECK by Sportsdigita for dynamic hospitality presentations that convert. With DIGIDECK, you can take advantage of panoramic venue tours, seamless CRM integrations, and time-saving automations that instantly create personalized presentations based on a prospect’s inputs. 

With DIGIDECK, it’s never been easier to sell more NASCAR hospitality tickets, faster. 

To see these features and much more for yourself, schedule a free 30 minute demo today!

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