NASCAR’S Impact on Tourism: Powered by Technology

NASCAR’S Impact on Tourism: Powered by Technology

There’s a reason cities and countries bid to host the Olympics, World Cup, and other major sporting events: 

Tourism. And Tourism = Revenue.

Tourism provides a tremendous economic opportunity for cities and countries of all shapes and sizes. When a city that’s not normally a popular tourist destination gets the opportunity to host a big event, the result is often incredibly beneficial for their economy because it stimulates:

  • Job creation
  • Public transportation use
  • Food and beverage consumption
  • Hospitality revenue

Along with concerts and holiday festivals, NASCAR and other popular destination sports like golf tournaments and horse races are some of the greatest tourism drivers in the United States.

NASCAR remains one of the most economically influential destination sports in the country— typically generating between $60-100 million for cities and states that host races. As technology continues to adapt, so does NASCAR’s approach to maintaining its appeal with spectators and sponsors alike.

The Economic Impact of NASCAR Tourism:
A Look Into 7 Cities

From small towns to major cities, the tourism attached to NASCAR events almost always has a significant economic impact. Take a look at just how much NASCAR has impacted tourism revenue in seven different cities in recent years.

1) Chicago, Illinois

While the 2023 4th of July NASCAR Chicago Street Race in downtown Chicago was controversial, it ultimately added $109 million to Chicago’s economy. Impressive figures include:

  • 750 jobs created
  • $8.3 million generated in local and state taxes
  • 29,532 hotel room nights
  • 47,405 visitors who spent $684 per day

2) Richmond, Virginia

In Richmond, Virginia, sports tourism brings $60 million in annual economic impact. For the Richmond International Raceway in particular? Each race generates about $42 million in total tax revenue.

3) North Wilkesboro, North Carolina

In a town of just over 4,000 people, the impact of NASCAR events held at the North Wilkesboro Speedway is significant. The 2023 All-Star race week had a $40.4 million economic impact in Wilkes County, with a $66 million overall economic impact in North Carolina as a whole. 

Race week generated 458 jobs across the state— 253 of those jobs being in Wilkes County.

4) Newton, Iowa

There’s a first time for everything, and Newton, Iowa is gearing up to host the inaugural NASCAR Cup Race at Iowa Speedway in June of 2024. When the race was announced, hotels sold out within minutes. 

With the average NASCAR event bringing in millions of dollars of tourism activity, the small town of Newton is looking forward to the opportunities the Cup Race will bring to their tight knit community.

5) St. Louis, Missouri

The inaugural Enjoy Illinois 300 in 2022 was held at World Wide Technology Raceway in Madison, Illinois— a small town just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri. The first ever cup race in the St. Louis region quickly sold out and generated more than $60 million in economic impact for the area.

6) Daytona, Florida

The Daytona 500 is the most attended and viewed NASCAR race each year. Held at the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona, Florida, the city relies heavily on the racetrack for economic contributions each year. 

A 2022 report by The Center for Economic Forecasting and Analyses at Florida State University found that the Daytona International Speedway creates an estimated 11,425 jobs and $806 million in total economic output each year.

7) Indianapolis, Indiana

In the Racing Capital of the World, one would expect for motorsports to be at the center of economic activity. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway generates an impressive $1 billion in annual economic activity— $566.5 million of this total is generated in the month of May because of the Indy 500 race.

Technology’s Impact on NASCAR Visibility

Technology is instrumental in many facets of NASCAR’s visibility, including:

  • Safety features
  • Better engine performance
  • Crew member access to critical race data

In fact, in 2021, NASCAR formed a Technology Partner Platform that revolves around how NASCAR can leverage technology and continue to evolve in the motorsports industry.

However, when it comes to tourism and economic impact, technology helps increase NASCAR’s visibility, in turn creating demand for modern audiences to travel to attend races.

Modern technology practices that increase NASCAR’s visibility include: 

  • Live streaming
  • Cameras in cars for TV coverage
  • Social media

Utilizing media advancements allows for younger generations to maintain a connection with NASCAR, ensuring the demand for events remains consistent year after year.

Leveraging Technology to Maximize NASCAR Sales & Increase Tourism

Beyond the energy and excitement of “Race Day,” there’s another part of NASCAR that benefits tremendously from technology: the business behind the race. 

CRMs, social media, sales enablement tools, and video all bring sales tactics into the modern era allowing for technology to do the “heavy lifting” so sellers can spend more time in the field. 

Another key tech player in NASCAR, sports, and tourism sales? 


DIGIDECK by Sportsdigita is trusted by 500+ top organizations across the world to transform sponsorship, entitlement, hospitality, and “everyday” presentations into immersive, trackable experiences that equate to real revenue.  

With DIGIDECK, NASCAR teams and racetracks are able to captivate fans and sponsors alike with custom experiences that feel authentic + memorable:

Interactive Design

 DIGIDECK presentations are designed by a professional in-house design and brand team, ensuring you receive a dynamic, interactive design that can’t be replicated on a flat webpage or PowerPoint. 

Actionable Analytics

Users can see analytics, including who viewed the presentation, when, and how long they viewed each slide for personalized follow-up strategies. 

Time-Saving Automations

Use qualifying forms or existing customer data to instantly create and send customized presentations based on a prospect’s data or preferences.

360° Panoramic Tours

Take your prospects off the page and immerse them in the real experience by showcasing 360° tours of racetracks, premium suites, hotel rooms, event spaces, and more directly within the platform. 

CRM Integrations

Leverage your existing CRM by creating a personalized DIGIDECK presentation without ever leaving the opportunity – one tab to create, customize, send, + track conversations! 

With tech-forward sales enablement features like these, NASCAR teams and tracks successfully demonstrate value for ticket buyers, sponsors, and broadcasting companies alike.

Where there’s value, there’s demand. And as long as there’s consistent demand, cities and states across the country will continue to economically benefit from the tourism generated by NASCAR events.

Maximize Your NASCAR Sales Impact With DIGIDECK

Whether you’re a racetrack looking to fill premium suites, a racing team hoping to secure lucrative sponsorships, or a tourism board hoping to win valuable visitors, there’s one common denominator: 

You need to deliver an impactful experience.  

DIGIDECK by Sportsdigita is the #1 cloud-based presentation platform for 500+ top organizations across the globe— including the most iconic race teams in the space as well as leading DMOs that drive real economic impact for their region. Transform the way your sales team presents with actionable analytics, time-saving automations, and dynamic designs that can’t be replicated in PowerPoint or PDFs.

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