Virtual Presentation Tools to Replicate Trade Shows Part 2

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In 2020, the world entered unprecedented times limiting large group activities including in-person trade shows and conferences. In this two-part series, you will learn to uncover virtually selling techniques and tools to replicate the trade show experience to generate more sales. This is part two of a two-article series, No Trade Show, No Problem. Click here to view the first article.

Why Choose a Cloud-Based Presentation Platform

One of the biggest benefits of in-person events is the experience the attendee receives when attending the event, as well as the personal relationship you are able to build being face-to-face. In 2021, the acceleration of utilizing a cloud-based experience selling platform has skyrocketed to help replicate trade show interactions and equally drive revenue to reach the goals that trade shows once held. What is a cloud-based presentation platform you might ask?

A cloud-based presentation platform will help transform your sales and marketing into an experience that drives business growth. This is the right technology to tell your company’s story, convey its product and service’s value, and provide exceptional functionality to create a personalized and memorable experience for the viewer. A digital sales and marketing presentation platform will build ease for registration and attendance, decrease the use of paper, create greater venue flexibility, and fewer ancillary costs meaning more savings for the viewer and your company. 

Choosing a sales presentation solution such as DIGIDECK offers a full CRM integration providing personalized communications and immersive, media-rich experiences to help grow a relationship similar to at a trade show.


Building a personalized experience is key to relationship growth and getting buy-in from the prospect on your product or service. Personalization can be as simple as adding a first name into the sales presentation to as advanced as an introductory slide video clip that is directed towards a prospect in their specific job role. Potential buyers do not want to feel like they are another number to your monthly quota. When adding personalization tokens into a sales presentation, you are increasing the value of the deck to the viewer. They will know you have spent time to truly understand their needs to genuinely help them. 

If you are using a sales presentation platform such as DIGIDECK, you are prompted when making your presentation to insert the prospect’s brand logo. This will pull into the deck throughout to create a consistent, personalized feel for your audience.

When a prospect is chatting with a salesperson, they want to see what they care about most. This helps save the salesperson’s time as well as the prospects. The objective of the call is to start building a long-term relationship with the potential client. One way to show them you’re listening is to make sure their presentation is geared towards the information that is relevant to them. If they’ve inquired about a specific service line or product, make sure those are the first items you address. 

Live Engagement 

There is a great reward to sitting in a booth at a trade show with the ability to engage with a prospect or client as they walk by your booth. Without trade shows, sales and marketing teams are forced to up their game on other communication channels in the attempt to create the same selling experience. Unless it is a face-to-face Zoom meeting, many of these communication channels provide a lag in response time. This can result in disengagement and lack of response causing a sale to be lost. DIGIDECK LIVE provides the opportunity to engage with prospects or clients while they are active in your deck at any point. 

A real-world example where live chat would be beneficial would entail a prospect who has done an introductory sales call to see your product or service. As a sales rep, you have followed up with a unique url to track their viewing of the sales presentation. You receive a notification a day later that the prospect is in the deck viewing the pricing and quote slide. This is an opportunity for you to open up DIGIDECK LIVE and begin to chat in real-time with the prospect to address any concerns or questions they have regarding the quote you have shared with them. 

Don’t stop at live chat with the prospect, you can even open a video conference and record it. Click here to learn more about how DIGIDECK LIVE can enable you and your sales team to review calls with prospects through the call recording feature.


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