Full Funnel Experience Selling

As the buyer’s journey becomes more dependent on digitization, sales enablement will be a critical investment for making strides in experience selling. 

Choosing the right Experience Selling Platform to aid in guiding the buyer through the funnel can make all the difference. Digideck provides a solution for the right content, messaging, and communication at the right time engaging customers throughout the selling funnel. Creating an unparalleled experience for the buyer throughout their journey as a prospect and eventually, a customer, is no longer optional. 

Let’s see how Digideck can impact each stage of the funnel.

Demand Generation

Introduce prospects to your brand with segmented and persona-based content via an interactive, dynamic experience at the top of the funnel.

  • Quickly build marketing and sales campaigns with customized, industry specific content premade and ready for any channel
  • Utilize rich multimedia such as videos, motion graphics, animated GIFs, and high resolution images to bring your story to life and leave a lasting impression
  • Leverage messaging and brand alignment for a consistent, omni-channel introduction to your brand
  • Measure engagement through Digideck deep analytics 
Demand Generation with Digideck


Lead Generation

Generate qualified leads with relevant, engaging content while capturing valuable prospect data that can be integrated into your marketing and sales tech stack allowing for actionable follow-ups.

  • Create marketing gated content collecting critical prospect contact information which can be integrated into your marketing automation tool
  • Generate personalized content with seamless CRM integration including automated presentations based on prospect behavior
  • Get alerted when prospects are viewing your content and engage real-time with video and chat tools via Digideck LIVE
  • Know what prospects are most interested in and what content is performing the best with robust analytics tools


Lead Generation with Digideck


Sales Pipeline

Turn opportunities into contracts with real-time engagement through targeted, personalized interactions across any device to meet your customers how they want, when they want including advanced reporting and analytics for smarter selling.

  • Engage with buyers via live chat and video conferencing using Digideck LIVE
  • Customize presentations in minutes using centralized content using the most up-to-date, on-brand information fueled by an open API for CRM and other integrations
  • See in real-time when buyers view and engage with sales collateral and where they focus their time with actionable insights
  • Update pricing, content, and other details in any presentation using cloud-based technology ensuring that proposals are always current, even those already under consideration
Sales Pipeline with Digideck


Customer Retention

Increase customer adoption and engagement with the power of Digideck’s interactivity, two-way communication and cloud-based technology.

  • Provide interactive, web-based training and onboarding for your product or service using videos and animated templates
  • Leverage reporting and analytics to monitor customer engagement
  • Tailor content to communicate key stages in the onboarding or welcome process
  • Engage directly using Digideck LIVE to walk thru key product features for hands on learning