Sales Enablement: The Buzz Behind The Buzzword

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It’s one of the hottest buzzwords in the industry: Sales Enablement
But what is sales enablement?

It’s a straightforward concept: equipping your sales teams with the tools and training they need to better track down leads and connect with prospects.

Marketing software maker Hubspot defines sales enablement as follows: “Sales enablement is the iterative process of providing your business’s sales team with the resources they need to close more deals. These resources may include content, tools, knowledge, and information to effectively sell your product or service to customers.”

This concept should be of utmost importance to sales managers and other business leaders. Miller Heiman Group’s research division, CSO Insights, reports that sales reps spend 20% of their time creating content from scratch for prospects, and a whopping six hours per week creating presentations, per IDC. Those hours are incredibly valuable.

IDC reports that 10 minutes of unproductive selling activity could be worth as much as $57,000 per year in increased revenue when converted to productive selling activity.

With the average seller spending just 32% of their time selling, the conclusion should be clear: The average sales person is leaving significant productivity, and significant revenue, on the table.


DIGIDECK’s sales presentation platform has emerged as a key driver of sales enablement. Sportsdigita’s internal metrics indicate that 88% of surveyed sales professionals are able to turn around a complete presentation in 15-30 minutes using DIGIDECK, while 12% are creating them even faster than that.

Through the easy incorporation of images, video, audio and more, DIGIDECK provides a unique and visually appealing experience for each prospect. It’s a significant advantage in a crowded marketplace, one where 32% of buyers indicated that sellers weren’t exceeding their expectations per Miller Heiman Group.

From the sellers’ perspective, DIGIDECK’s suite of analytics features is another piece of the sales enablement puzzle. Salesforce notes that 76% of sales reps believe the use of analytics has improved their ability to remain consistent across various channels when connecting with customers.

Users of DIGIDECK should be familiar with this notion already. The platform features a comprehensive suite of analytics tools, including recent updates that allow for detailed statistics on individual viewing sessions.

How Sales Enablement Technology is Evolving the Buyer's Experience

In today’s selling environment, meeting the buyer when and where they want to be met is pivotal in providing a quality buying experience. With sales engagement almost completely virtual and remote, buyers are increasingly controlling the pace of the sales funnel.

Sales enablement technology such as DIGIDECK Live is leveling the field and evolving how sellers navigate funnel engagement. The ability to engage in real-time with prospects or clients via chat or video in their web-based platform offer sellers that ability to truly meet the buyer when they’re ready.

Whether you are familiar with sales enablement or are hearing the phrase for the first time, one thing is clear: Sales enablement is here to stay. DIGIDECK can serve as a key catalyst for amping up this category of your business.


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