The Power of Automation in Hospitality + Ticketing Solutions

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The excitement and anticipation surrounding a big game or other sporting event is unmatched. Fans eagerly await their chance to secure the coveted tickets that grant them access to their favorite team’s stadium, arena, or ballpark. But as the demand for tickets continues to rise, so does the complexity of managing ticketing solutions and operations. That’s where platforms with enhanced automation capabilities play an expanded role in the way sports organizations sell and distribute tickets.

Here are 3 ways DIGIDECK Capture can help streamline and elevate your ticketing process.

1. Better, Faster, Stronger Through Automation

It’s no secret automation increases efficiency and improves processes. In fact, using automation such as DIGIDECK Capture can move opportunities through the funnel 20% faster on average. This is especially key as attention spans continue getting shorter and shorter.

Automated online ticketing solutions allow fans to purchase tickets and event day experience from anywhere with just a few clicks. The cherry on top? Personalization of the seats, experience and payment options they are considering. Providing flexible ways for fans to consume information is just another way to stand out from the crowd.

Additionally, leveraging technology to guide your ticketing solutions 24 hours a day without a seller required will not only shorten your sales cycle, it will capture all engagement right within your CRM for targeted follow up.

2. Personalize Every Time

Meeting fans and partners where they’re at helps elevate their experience with your brand.

Meeting them where they’re at with a personalized experience is even better. Using data to craft customized messaging, tailor ticket recommendations, recommend seat upgrades, etc., not only enhances the audience experience, it also boosts revenue by enabling your fans to buy what they want in real-time. Talk about a win-win.

DIGIDECK Capture was built to deliver personalized, real-time experiences to eager audiences ready to engage. Using a short form, organizations can ask audiences a series of questions around their preferences and – in less than one minute, they’ll receive information about their preferred seat options, available packages, and other areas of interest noted in the form directly to their inbox. Not only do they have what they need almost immediately, your team can craft follow-ups around their submissions, ultimately getting the tickets into their hands at lightning speed through automated technology.

Check out this example DIGIDECK Capture for Ticketing experience. Or, see how easy it is in the short clip below.

3. Let the Data Talk

Automated systems allow organizations to collect vast amounts of data on fan behavior, preferences and interactions. This data can then be leveraged for marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, and future ticketing + hospitality strategies, ultimately giving sports organizations a competitive edge for where and how discretionary funds are spent.

DIGIDECK’s suite of automation capabilities include real-time alerts that let the presentation creator know the exact moment their content is being viewed. After all, there’s no better time to engage with your audience than in real-time. This opportunity to connect, navigate questions and guide them to the right answers based on what content they viewed is invaluable.

Automated systems such as DIGIDECK Capture have revolutionized the ticketing + hospitality landscape, making it more efficient, personalized, and secure. As technology continues to evolve, we expect even more innovations in the ticketing space, ultimately benefiting both fans and the teams they support. So, if your organization is looking to optimize its ticketing solutions, automation is undoubtedly the game-changer you have been waiting for.

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