The Power of Virtual Engagement with Digideck LIVE

In the sales and marketing world the term “engagement” has evolved considerably in the last 5-10 years and exponentially in the past 12 months. Prospect engagement went from leaning towards more of a digital relationship to full, cloud-based interactions.


As you can see from the graphic above, digital interactions were starting to overtake traditional sales engagement and then the numbers dramatically changed in the past 12 months.

All of this has forced sales and marketing teams to adjust their approach and focus on technology stacks that will help them find a new level of engagement and deliver new prospect experiences. Hence, the quickening evolution of sales enablement platforms.

Within our cloud-based platform, Digideck Live is enabling sales teams to speed up the sales process and close deals faster by offering real-time engagement that gives prospects a unified experience tailored to them.

Let’s walk through how Digideck is redefining engagement in a digital sales culture.

LIVE Video Conferencing

Digideck doesn’t stop at sending personalized, customer-specific content to prospects from the platform. It also allows for a world class video experience when communicating with prospects directly within the Digideck platform. Share your screen to walk through a presentation or enter Conversation view to speak face to face with your attendees.

This not only speeds up the sales process but offers prospects a unified personalized experience to get answers and ask them in real-time.

Digideck Live Conferencing Viewing Modes

Conversation View

Conversation View

Presentation View

LIVE Real-Time Alerts

Sellers will be alerted the minute a prospect opens their sales presentation or proposal and can choose to engage in a chat, video conference, or co-browsing experience within minutes on their desktop or mobile device. 

Instead of guessing when to follow-up with prospects, alerts give sellers an opportunity to engage in real-time or time their follow-up appropriately knowing their presentation or proposal is currently top of mind with the prospect.

Alerts come via email or, if you’re in Digideck, a notification will appear letting you know someone is viewing your deck.




Like LIVE Video, the chat feature is built directly into the Digideck platform and can be utilized real-time via desktop or mobile device for prospect engagement.

Chat is another great method to meet prospects when and where they want to be met in the sales cycle. Giving prospects the ability to get their questions answered real-time while engaging with your content speeds up the overall sales process and offers a more personalized experience for the buyer.

Digideck Live Co-Browsing

LIVE Slide Sync

Digideck LIVE Slide Sync takes its users directly to the slide the inquiring customer is viewing, allowing for a clear and productive discussion. 

When co-browsing a presentation with a prospect or client, Slide Sync allows you the option to sync the prospect’s browser with where you are in the deck and allow you to take control of driving the browsing or give the prospect the control and let them drive the viewing from where they are in the deck.

Record LIVE Meetings

Digideck allows users to record their Live meetings with customers or prospects allowing for post meeting reviews, personalized and comprehensive meeting follow-up, internal collaboration, and sales rep coaching. Recordings give the customer a more personalized and quality buying experience.

Once recorded, users have the ability to review the recording within Digideck, download the recording in an .mp4, or save it to their Digideck video library for use within a Digideck presentation. 

Plus, with our new Gong integration, recordings offer real-time, in-depth analysis of customer interactions that further speed up the sales cycle.

To learn more about the Digideck and Canva integration you can request a demo or, if you’re a current Digideck user, simply reach out to your Customer Success Manager!



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