Auto-Renewal Strategy for Ticketing + Memberships:
Track, Save Time & Automate

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Manual processes are so 2000-and-late. ✌️

The highest performing ticketing leaders around the globe are finding a successful way to ditch the time-consuming, frustrating process of manual renewals by streamlining their season ticket & membership renewals with automated programs that “renew” for you

Not only are auto-renewal campaigns proving to be rewarding for teams and venues, they also make the process easier for fans. 

👀 Let’s take a closer look at:

  • How ticketing auto-renewals work
  • What teams are already implementing them
  • The results you can expect
  • How DIGIDECK helps you track, save time, and automate your renewals

Season Ticket Auto-Renewal 101

Historically, sports teams and venues have to wait for fans to proactively renew their season tickets… And any ticketing professional will tell you that this is often a tedious, frustrating, and inefficient process. 

Leaving important sales and growth metrics in the hands of someone else? Never ideal.

Instead of relying on fans to find time to log into their account or contact their account rep about renewing, many tech forward organizations are turning to automatic ticketing renewal solutions.

How Do Automatic Renewals Work for Ticketing?

At a glance: auto-renewal season ticket campaigns automatically re-subscribe existing members for the next season. Fans are given the opportunity to opt-out, but if they don’t opt-out, their subscription is automatically renewed, streamlining the process for both clubs and season ticket members. 

Each team and venue sets up their auto-renewal program a little differently: 

  • At some sports organizations, customers must opt-in to the auto renewal process.
  • At others, every season ticket member is automatically placed into the auto renewal process.

When the auto-renewal program is optional, many clubs find success in pairing promotional offers and pricing incentives with their renewal program to gain more participants. 

Fans must be given the opportunity to opt-out or update their payment details before the auto-renewal takes place. Most teams send reminders out at least 30-days prior to the renewal deadline.

Who Is Leveraging Auto-Renewals for Their Fans?

A significant number of professional sports teams that have high attendance, strong ticket demand, and global recognition are leveraging auto-renewals for their season ticket members. 

A select few examples include DIGIDECK partners such as the Brooklyn Nets, New York Yankees, Seattle Seahawks, Anaheim Ducks, Minnesota United F.C., and Tottenham Hotspur F.C..

In fact, Ticketmaster reported that Tottenham Hotspur F.C. saw a 31% increase in renewal rates among card payers while also decreasing inquiries to the club in their 2022-2023 season thanks to a new auto-renewal process.

Take a look at the linked terms and conditions to see the difference between how a team like Minnesota United FC automatically places season ticket holders into their automatic renewal program, while the Yankees offer their season ticket holders the option to opt into their STAR (Season Ticket Automatic Renewal) program. 

What Are the Results?

Completely overhauling your season ticket renewal process isn’t worth it unless there are real results to back it up. Thankfully, sports organizations that have made the switch aren’t looking back because they are seeing the benefits for both fans & their club(s).

Pain Point #1

Season ticket sales growth is dependent on fans taking action.

Solution #1

Auto-renewals simplify season ticket growth and retention based on accurate fan trends.

Pain Point #2

Teams and clubs spend additional budget on overhead costs and working hours spent on communicating with fans about their manual renewal process.

Solution #2

An auto-renewal program significantly reduces working hours related to ticket renewal efforts, ultimately saving the organization time and money.

Pain Point #3

Fans that intend to be season ticket members for the foreseeable future, or even for their lifetime, must manually renew their subscription each year. If they forget to process their renewal payment or don’t have time, they could lose their season tickets.

Solution #3

Dedicated fans will no longer worry about renewing their season tickets or membership with an auto-renewal process. They always have the option to opt-out prior to the renewal if their circumstances change.

DIGIDECK for Ticketing Auto-Renewals

At Sportsdigita, automation how we serve sports teams best. As the leading sales presentation software for sports teams and venues around the globe, DIGIDECK also has a suite of features built specifically for auto-renewal ticketing. 

DIGIDECK improves the season ticket auto-renewal process by helping your organization:

1) Track 📊

You rely on PURLs for a personalized marketing experience that also allows you to track each unique URL. Sending a DIGIDECK to a season ticket holder has the same effect as a PURL, but with a more dynamic and interactive experience that cannot be replicated on a flat webpage. 

Not only can you track each unique personal URL, you can also track when the custom DIGIDECK was opened and gain insight into time spent on each individual slide.

2) Save Time ⏰

Tired of endlessly copying & pasting, re-downloading assets, and maxing out your server’s capacity with hundreds of renewal presentations? DIGIDECK’s cloud-based platform allows entire teams to store every asset in a centralized media library, making it easy to personalize presentations in just a few clicks.

What normally takes hours only takes minutes with DIGIDECK.

3) Automate ▶️

When creating your DIGIDECK PURL for auto-renewal reminders, integrate DIGIDECK with your CRM to automatically input the customer’s name, their account manager’s info, and their relevant season ticket member information. 

If you’re saying goodbye to manually renewing season tickets, you should also ditch manually assembling your renewal PURLs to maximize your time & cost savings. 

Embrace the Future of Ticketing Renewals

Not only are hundreds of sports organizations seeing an increase in renewal rates by making the switch to an auto-renewal season ticket process, many are turning to DIGIDECK to do the heavy lifting. 

Feeling ready to track engagement, save time, and automate your ticketing? Get started with a free 30 minute demo to learn how DIGIDECK can help.

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