Let Automation Do the Heavy Lifting

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Whether you realize it or not, automation has made its way into nearly every business. It used to be synonymous with robots and manufacturing plants but that’s no longer the case. Now, even the smallest companies utilize some sort of automation in their day to day operations, most likely through software or applications that streamline a specific process.

In fact, this recent McKinsey report found that automation has become a top trend in technology, with no signs of slowing down. Especially with the workforce shortage at an all-time high, if companies haven’t considered automation as a temporary solution, they’re missing out. After all, automation is meant to help reduce the manual aspects of a valuable task. And yes, mundane tasks can still be very valuable.

So, if you’re unable to think of how an automated process could benefit you, consider some of the mindless tasks on your list. Would taking those off your plate make a difference in your daily workload? 

What Task(s) Could Automation Adopt?

Our partners at EQ + AST, an industry-leading provider of ownership data management, mutual funds, and analytics and advisory services, were looking to solve three goals:

  1. Find a streamlined approach to maximizing their sales team’s time in front of prospects and customers
  2. Reduce time spent creating presentations
  3. Uncover an easy way for their analytics team to re-target and score leads to maximize revenue conversion.

They had previously been manually managing these three tasks, spending hours on each once every day.

The first two tasks were easily automated once their DIGIDECK was deployed to their outreach team. But, they were still looking for the most efficient way to use DIGIDECK activities to automate next steps. Because DIGIDECK is cloud-based, we have the ability to connect with virtually any software. Since EQ + AST was already using Marketo, a marketing automation tool, we connected the two systems. This allowed them to record the following directly in the Marketo platform:

  1. Who viewed a presentation
  2. What content they engaged with
  3. The channel source the viewer entered from

Automation Helps Refine Strategies

With the information already in Marketo, the Marketo platform is able to categorize and tag contacts and put them directly into the appropriate outreach cadences. This eliminated the need to manually export and import data from one system (DIGIDECK) to another (Marketo). Though exporting and importing is easy enough to do, it takes time away from more important tasks, like prospecting or current customer outreach. This automated process also instantly started these contacts in email cadences appropriate to them, meaning there’s little to no downtime from when they express interest to when they start receiving the information they’re looking for.

This connection allowed EQ+AST to build the foundations for prospecting and scoring new leads, re-targeting churned opportunities, and refining their outreach strategy.

This is just one example of how automation can reduce manpower and increase revenue. What task would you like to get off your plate?

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