Streamline presentation creation for your sellers and buyers. With a few clicks, they can automatically create the most engaging presentations with the most relevant content.

Automate Content For Your Presentations

Easily create custom presentations from a library of pre-made slides.

Sellers Create
Presentations By

  • Answering a few questions in DIGIDECK
  • Choosing a templated presentation based on industry, location, etc.
  • Connecting to your CRM

Buyers Create
Presentations By

  • Answering a few questions in a simple online form
  • “Liking” items in a presentation
  • Showing intent on specific pages

Content Automation

Convert More Leads Into Meetings

If you allow your buyers to create their own experience in the beginning of their journey, you ensure your first impression is flawless. After all, a good first impression often leads to second, third, and fourth meetings.

Remember, the right content not only starts the right conversations, but also keeps conversations going.


Why do buyers care?
Your sellers don’t know your buyer or their company as well as the buyers themselves. Your sellers’ time is wasted when your buyers can’t connect your solution to their problems.


Relevant Content Every Time:
Buyers can unknowingly create a presentation automatically generated from a library of slides so your marketing teams can relax knowing their branded content is leveraged properly.

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