Enabling Sales & Marketing to Collaborate Through DIGIDECK

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The DigiKnow Series focuses on highlighting DIGIDECK value along with functionality, helping organizations enhance their overall selling experience.

If you are in a sales or marketing role, you know the powerful value of what true collaboration between the teams can bring to a company. Teamwork between sales and marketing helps to increase revenue, win rates, and client retention. But, with every great revenue team relationship comes challenges including lack of accurate data sharing, communication, and flawed processes. Let’s discuss the best practices and how DIGIDECK can help boost collaboration between your sales and marketing teams. 

Find Alignment in Communication

One of the most fundamental parts between a sales and marketing relationship is successful communication techniques. Incorporating processes for feedback on sales presentations is critical to ensure that a deck created by the marketing team is presented correctly on the sales side. DIGIDECK empowers your teams with collaboration tools right inside the platform for increased communication. 

When a salesperson is presenting to a prospect, DIGIDECK offers live recording. Live recording enables your marketing team with the opportunity to review sales presentations and see how messages are resonating with prospects. Additionally, marketing can view how the sales team is speaking to their slides and provide instant feedback to the sales team for improvement. See the Live Recording feature in action by clicking here. 

One important gap to bridge between sales and marketing is messaging associated with each slide. When marketing creates a presentation, it is crucial that sales is on the same page with key value points to present on each slide. Within DIGIDECK’s slide note feature marketing can place messaging, quotes, and statistics in a variety of multimedia formats to educate the sales team on the best way to present the slide’s information. Slide notes are most effective when placing keywords that will trigger the salesperson to a bigger story that relates to the prospect. Do not place full sentences that will distract the sales representative from presenting. See Slide Notes in action within DIGIDECK by clicking here

Ensure Brand Accuracy Through All Departments

Does your sales team have a history of going rogue when it comes to brand guidelines and marketing content? Implementing a centralized process and platform to house all approved content improves brand and data accuracy throughout the sales and marketing organization. This decreases the risk of sales placing an inaccurate logo in a presentation or using the wrong shade of blue for your brand. 

Keeping presentations up to date with relevant and current information is important. Utilizing a platform that easily pushes information and branding through past and present presentations saves time for the marketing team and ensures brand consistency throughout the sales team. DIGIDECK offers Global Updates so your marketing team can feel confident with their branding efforts. Click here to learn more about Brand Governance in the DIGIDECK. 

DIGIDECK’s integration with Canva gives your sales and marketing team ease of image creation by providing brand colors and font right within the designing platform. This ensures no misuse of branding within the sales presentation. Marketing can control these settings within their Canva team account. To see Canva live in action within your DIGIDECK platform, please click here to watch the how-to video.


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