3 Ways Digideck Can Sharpen Your Construction Sales Tools

Without customers, there is no construction business. What a scary thought. When your construction company has fixed overhead costs that remain the same regardless of revenue growth it is important to keep your sales tools and strategies ahead of your competitors. With the increase of contractors, both small & enterprise-sized construction companies, you need to set yourself apart to secure an appointment and win the bid. Instead of selling the final product, you need to begin by selling your organization’s story to gain investment from your prospects. This article explores 3 ways Digideck will win the bid for your next project. 

Secure an Appointment


When generating project leads, the first goal is to schedule time on the calendar to meet. A simple contact us button and a phone number on the website will not suffice. Providing estimates and CAD’s that are curated to the prospect’s needs before the initial meeting will secure your spot on their calendar. This is all made possible with Digideck’s type form feature. Type forms capture the audience’s responses to generate a customized presentation tailored to their answers.

An example would be if the form asks what kind of job they need to be done and they select roofing, the presentation will remove any siding and flooring slides and generate a presentation geared towards only roofing. This helps engage the audience and keep their attention with relevant and valuable information.  

Sell Your Company’s Story


Yes, in the end, you might be selling roof inspections or granite countertops. Regardless of the end product, to get the customer in the door, you have to transform your prospecting sales meetings into an immersive and engaging experience that sells your company as a whole. This experience should clearly illustrate why the customer should want to do business with your construction company.

Utilizing a sales platform that is easy to navigate and customizable will allow you to tailor your experience to the prospect’s wants and needs. When walking through the presentation your company should showcase how you plan to solve customers’ problems, make them more money, save them money, reduce their stress, and make them feel good about doing business with your company. This tailored approach will provide more value than presenting a product-based presentation to them.

Digideck’s master deck equips your construction sales team to select relevant content for their audience with a tailored approach.  With efficiency in mind, your master deck is sorted into chapters making slide selection fast and simple. Examples of chapters in construction companies’ master decks include: about us, testimonials, services, proposals, bidding, and contact us. Taking it a step further, some slide’s under the services chapter might include materials, insurance claims, and commitment to quality. 

Follow-Up Aggressively 

80% of sales require 5 follow-up communications whereas 44% of salespeople give up after one time. Following-up can be easy when you understand the needs of your audience. Strategizing your follow-up communications to include relevant and valuable information to keep continued engagement from the prospect is important for successful follow-up.

Digideck’s analytics capabilities give your team the opportunity to check slide views and time spent on slides. If a prospect is viewing your roofing services slide it makes sense to follow up with material options for a roof renovation. 

If a prospect is in a presentation, follow-up can be in real-time with Digideck LIVE. Sellers will be notified the minute a prospect opens their presentation or proposal and can choose to engage in chat, video, conference, or co-browsing experience within minutes.

Close More Deals, Faster


From prospecting to close, giving your sales and marketing team cutting-edge tools is the solution to stay ahead of your competition. Once you pass the initial challenge of securing the appointment, your team should be equipped with a platform to easily and effectively sell your company and seal the deal. Digideck’s all-in-one platform gives your marketing and sales team a cohesive solution to dynamically and interactively sell more deals, faster. Schedule your demo here.