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The DigiKnow Series focuses on highlighting Digideck value along with functionality, helping organizations enhance their overall selling experience.

Virtual selling is on the rise and is not going to slow down anytime soon. Enabling your sales and marketing teams with ease, accessibility, and on brand graphic assets to engage their target audience is important. Virtual sales can be challenging to keep a listener active, providing visuals that are personalized will gain and keep the audience’s attention longer. The graphics in virtual selling should clearly convey your message to create a seamless, intriguing presentation enticing active listening.  Let’s discuss best practices and how Digideck can help fuel your sales team’s creative abilities. 

Ease of Design

Canva’s web-based platform provides you the tools to learn the basics in design. Our partnership with Canva brings ease with one simple click to enter their platform and gain access to hundreds of templates, fonts, dimensions, and more. 

It is important in a sales or marketing presentation to incorporate fonts, colors, and images that utilize your audience’s brand and your brand story. These are the fundamental building blocks of design. 

Large Variety of Content

Empowering your teams with a large variety of content collections gives them the ability to pull together quick, dynamic and high-quality graphics that fit their targeted audience for their presentation. With Digideck’s Master Deck, your sales and marketing teams are in the position to upload and place their own graphic visuals to match their audience members. 

Digideck’s newest integration partner, Canva, unlocks an extensive content library enabling Digideck’s user community to create high impact, and professional designs to keep their audience intrigued throughout the entire presentation. If you’d like to see a step by step of how to turn on Canva in your Digideck, view our feature spotlight here.

All images created within Canva via Digideck will be housed in your Digideck file library. Encouraging collaboration, all team members will have access to use your graphics. 

Consistent Branding

When it comes to your brand standards, high expectations are given, but not always followed. It is a painful sight to see a shade of the wrong color blue on your presentation. Unfortunately, enforcing brand guidelines continues to be a challenge throughout many enterprise corporations. 

That is where the partnership of Canva and Digideck can enforce brand governance. Canva’s brand capabilities will automatically pull in your brand fonts and colors that are entered within your Canva platforms settings. This provides a fool-proof strategy to avoid misbranded graphics in sales presentations. 

Adding another layer to brand consistency, is Digideck’s global updates functionality. The global updates provide the most up-to-date information that will be pushed through to all the presentations, both past and present, created from the Master Deck, even if they’ve already been presented.

Read our article, “Taking Control of What Your Sales Team Shares with Prospects”, if you want to learn more about Brand Governance.

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