Global Updates: Managing Your Messaging With Digideck


Few brand challenges are more complex than managing the content used by sales teams—especially if you have a distributed sales force. It can be difficult enough to develop an effective sales message in the first place. Trying to maintain quality and consistency after it’s been distributed—much less continue to improve it? Forget about it.

Imagine making changes to your brand identity, product content, or pricing, and being able to edit one location to update every presentation that’s ever been produced! That’s the power of managing your messaging with Global Updates in the Digideck.

Traditional presentation software has no good answer for those challenges, and more complex content management systems often struggle to get adoption. (When was the last time a rep asked you for a more complex way to do their job?)

With the Digideck, organizations have a platform uniquely designed to solve these problems. Content is securely managed within a central Master Deck, allowing unlimited custom presentations to be quickly generated from one consistent source of the truth.

Staying One Step Ahead

Global Updates allow administrators to continuously develop new content at any time, right inside your Master Deck. Keep your draft content hidden until it’s ready for prime time, then make it live for reps to use in a few clicks. You can choose whether reps are able to edit the content they copy into their presentations, or if a particular slide should be locked to ensure that it will always appear as intended. Update or add slides confidently, knowing that every new presentation created will always include the latest version.

But what about all those old presentations that already exist? With Digideck’s Global Updates functionality, administrators making changes to a master slide have the option to push the changes to every presentation that’s ever been created from that deck – even ones that have already been sent out to the public!