Align your Sales Decks to your Sales Methodology

In their 4th Annual Sales Enablement Report, CSO Insights identified the top priorities for sales organizations in 2018. As indicated below, sales training services ranked #1, followed by sales tools, content services, coaching and sales process improvements. According to an article published by Harvard Business Review, companies in the U.S. are spending $70 Billion annually on sales training but more than 80% of sellers forget the sales training within 90 days.   With companies spending an average $1,459 per salesperson on training (almost 20% more than any other employee), it is critical to ensure your sellers are retaining and, more importantly, using that training during prospect and customer interactions. Typically, after sales undergoes a new sales methodology training, marketing provides their sellers with a new master deck, which can contain anywhere between 40-100 slides. Using that new training, sellers are left to fend for themselves and determine which slides align with prospect pain-points based on this new selling methodology. But if most sellers are forgetting this new methodology within 90 days, then your salespeople are going back to selling the way they’ve been doing it before the training. There is an obvious gap between the time sellers receive training and when they start putting it into action. With Digideck, you now have a solution to bridge that gap and optimize your sales training investments. CRM INTEGRATION If you have integrated your sales methodology into your sales process, you can now take it one step further with Digideck’s CRM integration. With Digideck, you can map slides directly to the data within your CRM. Whether it is industry, sales stage, products, or any fields identifying the prospect or customer pains, all your sellers have to do is ensure the data is accurate and up-to-date and Digideck will automatically select the right content and generate the perfect deck that is accessible directly in the prospect or customer account page of your CRM. As the prospect advances through each sales stage or if any of the data changes, Digideck will automatically update that content to reflect those changes. This type of automation not only saves sellers time, but also reinforces your sales training by ensuring the content and message is on point every time. Interested in learning more? Let’s start a conversation! AUTOMATION THROUGH FORMS The other option for aligning your sales methodology to your decks is through Digideck’s custom form feature. With the custom form feature, you can build a list of diagnostic questions that are based on your sales methodology. Every possible answer to those questions will be mapped to a slide or a selection of slides, depending on how you set it up. Once a seller completes the form, Digideck will automatically select the right content and build the deck on the seller’s behalf. In addition, the forms can be integrated into your CRM as well, so your sellers never have to access another platform in order to create the perfect sales deck. Whether it is by mapping data fields within the CRM or leveraging Digideck form feature, you now have a valuable tool to build a sales deck that is completely aligned with your sales methodology. Digideck reinforces your sales methodology by systemically implementing your practices directly into each deck. That is the power of Digideck.