Introducing Digideck’s Premiere Solution: The Custom Showroom Experience

Digideck is excited to announce the launch of the latest digital innovation in customer experience: The Custom Showroom. Whether you need to capture customer preferences, create an online contact form, or auto-create personalized presentations with a specific call-to-action, Digideck’s premiere solution provides an unparalleled experience for your customers that will elevate you above the competition.

Key Features


  • Digitized Offering: Create a digital custom showroom of your product or services using the cloud-based technology of Digideck.
  • Customer Preferences: Capture customer engagement as they use the Digideck platform to select preferred offerings and categories.
  • Form Submission: Gather customer information for more effective follow-up and direct import into your CRM database.
  • Personalized Call-To-Action: Digideck will automatically create a custom call to action delivered right to your customer’s inbox, whether it be a tailored presentation, an invoice, or a proposal.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Receive real-time alerts when your customers are engaging with your content, helping you sell better, faster.

Whether you are presenting remotely, in-store, or at a trade show, Custom Showroom connects your customers with your product or offering in any scenario. Staying in touch with prospects, clients or customers while gathering their unique data and preferences has never been easier.

Flexibility across devices


Discover the versatility of Digideck! Custom Showroom is adaptable, whether you are using interactive kiosks, equipping customers with a tablet, or presenting in a boardroom.

See how our clients use Digideck’s Custom Showroom offering to produce completely personalized experiences for their customers:

  • California Closets uses Digideck’s Custom Showroom to bring their digital catalogue to life and close more deals in the virtual landscape.
  • The San Francisco Giants are using Digideck to completely transform their ticketing department, creating a customized, responsive experience for their customers to grow sales.