California Closets Delivers Highly Customized Catalogs with DIGIDECK


The Challenge

For more than four decades, California Closets has been the leader in premium and luxury space-management, delivering custom products and unparalleled service to clients.

Recent strategic changes including merchandising by collection, expansions to product lines, and an eCommerce site, represent big wins for the company. However, these moves challenged their existing sales and marketing presentation technology—which wasn’t matching the level of innovation these moves represented.

California Closets designers were stuck using an outdated iPad app when presenting to buyers that couldn’t accommodate a fast and flexible future. Leaders like Samara Toole, Chief Marketing Officer, and Jennifer Pearson, Product Marketing Manager for California Closets were looking for a technology that enabled their team to regularly update content, create new categories, and sell accessories digitally while delivering a brand-consistent look and message.

The Leadership team was also looking for a way for customers to bookmark their favorite products and offerings—DIGIDECK was introduced as a solution that not only brought the California Closets’ story to life, but allowed buyers to “favorite” content on each slide as they were viewing to consolidate only their preferred products into one single location—a custom DIGIDECK presentation.

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“We were fortunate that DIGIDECK works both for in-home visits, as well as digitally for virtual presentations. This saved us in a huge way when we couldn’t get into client’s homes because of COVID-19. We could still show our product and the value we provide to our customers, which made all the difference.”

—Samara Toole, Chief Marketing Officer

The Solution

DIGIDECK helps California Closets quickly and powerfully communicate the brand’s story to connect with clients. Designers can produce customized, visually dynamic, and interactive presentations that articulate the company’s vision, with best-in-class software to fuel their conversations and business growth.

With their extensive product catalog at the forefront, image rotators within California Closets’ DIGIDECK feature every bell and whistle so that the full range of space-enhancing extras is available. DIGIDECK’s templated slide layouts enable the team to load in hundreds of specific details about their offerings in a condensed, highly digestible way for the end-consumer.

Case Study

The DIGIDECK solution provides the California Closets team with:

1. A New “Favorite

As a part of onboarding with the DIGIDECK team, Sportsdigita developers worked on a custom “favorite” feature within the California Closet’s DIGIDECK to capture the buyers’ preferences as desired by their Leadership Team. A move that illustrates the flexibility and power of Sportsdigita’s in-house development team.

Designers can send a photographic record of everything the client selected (such as handles, finishes, and door styles), serving as an additional confirmation of how their space will come together upon installation.

2. Ease of Use

DIGIDECK makes it easy for designers to create customized presentations with the most current product details, images, pricing, and samples. Additions or deletions are streamlined and straightforward. Marketing leadership can make global changes, and send a note to designers that content will update with a quick app refresh.

As traditional in-home visits became virtual Zoom consultations with COVID-19, DIGIDECK more than met the challenge—beautifully and succinctly articulating products, finish options, accessories, and other essential information about the company.

3. Unified Brand Standards

DIGIDECK tells the California Closets’ story while presenting a unified look and feel that complements the company’s website and showrooms. Brand integrity is protected across images and messaging, driving consistency with individually-owned and corporate-owned locations.

“Our ongoing challenge and success is keeping the California Closets brand experience consistent—whether you’re in a Kansas showroom or shopping in New York City.”

– Jennifer Pearson, Product Marketing Manager

The Results

Designers love DIGIDECK! 95-100% have successfully transitioned to the tool, creating nearly 2600 customized client presentations resulting in over 86,500 unique presentation views in the first few months after the launch.

The new “favorite” option is a hit with both designers and clients. DIGIDECK introduces clients to the brand while teasing customized product solutions, and the app has delivered results during unprecedented times.

Meeting the client in their preferred space (virtually or in-person) will likely continue even after COVID-19 guidelines are loosened, providing a new sales channel for the California Closets team. Necessity drives innovation!

Cal Closets
California-Closets-Case Study

“Learning that I could access the DIGIDECK app on my computer made all of the difference in my closing. I have closed 4 out of 5 of my virtual consultations (during COVID-19), and the fifth is moving forward this month with the continuation of our promo.”

—Patricia, California Closets Designer

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