Multiple Brands, One Location: DIGIDECK

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USA Today. Twin Cities Orthopedics. AB Media. 

What do all 3 of these leading enterprise organizations have in common?

They represent multiple brands and offerings through partnerships, subsidiaries, and alliances. AB Media, for instance, owns and operates 3 major publications including:

  • Athletic Business
  • Aqua
  • Wood Floor

An Organization-Wide, Multiple-Property Approach

When powering sales conversations for these organizations, the question becomes: how do you successfully implement organization-wide strategies and efficiencies that will transcend across ALL company-owned brands without sacrificing quality and resources?


While selling across multiple brand entities with presentations or proposals may seem daunting, DIGIDECK’s “Master Style” functionality enables organizations to quickly change the branding, messaging, and content retrieved for critical sales conversations with the click of just one button!  Master Styles allows teams to deliver highly efficient, extremely customized, and immersive experiences more efficiently than ever before.

How Does It Work?

USA Today, for instance, uses Master Styles to quickly hop between branding and messaging for two of their major annual events: the “USA Today Sports Awards” and the “Wine & Food Festival”. What’s even better? This ability to quickly switch between these varying looks and messaging will save your team time while simultaneously providing them confidence that the dynamic collateral they are using is approved, professional, and on-brand.

Reinforce Your Organization’s Structure & Strategy 

In addition to adding a layer of efficiency to your team’s operations, Master Styles empowers organizations to shift their focus back on the prospects and truly listen in order to develop customized solutions to fit each unique need. According to CSO Insights, “Sellers spend only 32% of their time actually selling.” Master Styles gives teams time back in their day to get back to what they are best at: selling.

To successfully implement Master Styles, consider designating an internal champion who will “own” this process for your team reinforcing the resources you have invested in. This “DIGIDECK power user” will be your “go-to” for any internal DIGIDECK development.

Whether it is sending out a major proposal to a new event Sponsor or communicating a recap as a post-event follow-up, DIGIDECK makes it easy to transition between multiple talk tracks, branding, and content in a matter of minutes!

Interested in learning how your own team can benefit from these powerful efficiencies? 

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