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Cities across the globe are ready to thrive once again. Every major city is gearing up to compete for the first in-person conventions, conferences, events, etc., of the year. Give your Destination Marketing Organization the right tools to be a step ahead of the competition! Discover three ways how DIGIDECK can help your tourism authority organization win RFP’s, enhance your bid books, fill room blocks, and streamline communication. 

Sell Your Business Travel Destination 

Better demonstrate the vitality of your city and the value of your infrastructure- hotels, convention centers, etc. to the business and leisure travel community. Highlight all that your city and state have to offer, from restaurants to local attractions. Create presentations and proposals in minutes with your organization’s Master Deck. Your pre-built and populated, on-brand templates make it simple to walk prospects through your city. Easily tailor each experience to the interests and needs of your potential clients. With visually dynamic videos and images, each presentation will properly bring your city to life to the prospect’s fingertips, no matter the distance. Boring, lackluster proposals will be a thing of the past! 

Showcase Your Assets, Win RFPs

Winning an RFP is always the goal, but standing out against the competition can be difficult in our digital age. Conventional bid books can look lackluster, cluttered, and overwhelming, however, if you bring multimedia and interactive elements into your bids you can quickly stand out from your competition. Show them drone videos of your downtown or the inside of your hotels. Pre-built DIGIDECK bid books and room block slides will not only save your team time but ensure the visual components are more than an excel sheet. While others submit boring PDF files or plain Powerpoints, leave a lasting impression with a captivating presentation. 

Open Communication Tool

DIGIDECK presentations open up a seamless line of virtual communication that is not possible with Powerpoint or Zoom meetings. Open up the lines of communication with Stakeholders and host monthly meetings with DIGIDECK LIVE, our newest feature includes video meetings and in-app chat right within your customized DIGIDECK presentation. DIGIDECK’s Speaker Spotlight allows for users to put their video feed directly on the presentation itself and isolate the speaker for better visibility. Meeting in person? DIGIDECK presentations are a great visual component to aid any in-person meeting!


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