Our cloud-based presentation platform lets your sales team create powerful presentations from any device, anywhere in the world. Start building a presentation on your laptop, and finish it from your phone on your way into the meeting. Best of all, never worry about file sizes, compatibility, or deliverability. If your prospect can receive an email, they can view your presentations.


Our team of world class designers works with you to understand your business needs, your brand, and your messaging requirements. From there, we design your Master Deck, which locks in your requirements for your entire sales team. Your reps then draw from your Master Deck to create individual, custom presentations for their clients and prospects. Master Decks allow sales reps to create high-impact, custom presentations in just minutes. Learn more about our design services.


While a Master Deck supports all of your sales team’s use-cases, a Preselect allows you to quickly build a presentation with only the right content for each use case. Preselects allow you to quickly build custom presentations in a variety of ways, such as:
  • By Region – ensure that your creative features local imagery relevant to each prospect
  • By Vertical – support distinct content for multiple verticals, ensuring that your sales team always uses the most relevant and impactful content
  • By Product – build more relevant presentations focused only on those products or services appropriate for each pitch


We understand how important it is to keep your presentations up to date. Our Global Updates allow you to update a Master Deck once, and push that update to all of your existing presentations, not just the ones you haven’t sent out yet. Since the Digideck is cloud-based, you never have to worry about old versions of a presentation sitting on someone’s hard drive. Global Updates allow you to update presentations you’ve already sent to clients with just a click of your mouse.


The Digideck provides real-time alerts when someone has viewed a presentation so sales reps know the best moment to reach out for follow-up. Additional reports show chapter and slide views so you know exactly what areas prospects spent the most time viewing.


The Digideck software is built with sales engagement in mind so we make it easy to connect to your CRM and other sales and marketing technologies for seamless sales engagement. With integrations for Salesforce, Pardot, Marketo, and LogMeIn, using the The Digideck couldn’t be simpler. Once connected sales team members can easily create new presentations associated with specific accounts and contacts in your CRM, marketing automation software, email marketing platforms, analytic systems and more.


Our easy-to-use interface makes it easy to create your presentation by quickly selecting sections and slides to include in your presentation, adding customization along the way. Plus you never have to worry about sending a large PowerPoint file again since Digideck presentations can be shared with the click of a mouse.


Because the Digideck is cloud-based there is no limit to the amount of videos, high-resolution images, GIFs, infographics and other media you can use in this online presentation tool. That means you can use engaging content-rich multimedia to wow prospects with your presentations in new and exciting ways.


Every Master Deck is completely mobile responsive, ensuring that your presentations look good on every device. Our apps offer offline viewing and editing as well. PDF exports offer you the option of a physical leave-behind.


With Digideck Presentation Flows, you can generate a fully customized presentation with precisely the right content for your target audience. Ask sellers a series of discovery questions about the prospect, and based on the sellers’ answers, automatically generate the right presentation with the most relevant slides to ensure the most compelling, brand consistent experience.

Add your own business logic to enforce and repeat best-practices across your entire sales team. Simplify the process of selecting content across multiple product industries, product lines or buyer personas by capturing custom information for each individual pitch and inserting it automatically throughout the finished presentation. Save your sellers a dramatic amount of time in the presentation creation process and put time back into their day for selling.