Stand out in today’s competitive job market. DIGIDECK’s multimedia-rich, interactive recruitment presentations bring your company’s story to life, attracting and engaging candidates from the start.

Unforgettable Recruiting Communication

Recruiting top talent is harder than ever. DIGIDECK presentations set your company apart with:

Dynamic Multimedia

  • Pixel-perfect presentations complete with endless videos, infographics, images, etc., are designed to impress job seekers from entry-level to C-Suite.

Immediate Engagement

  • Engage with prospective talent as they explore potential opportunities via live chat or video conference – without ever having to leave the recruiter presentation. 

Actionable Analytics

  • Arm recruiters with data such as who opened the presentation, when they opened it and how long they looked at each slide to help drive what candidates to engage with at the appropriate time.


The job market is more competitive than ever. Standing out seems impossible with so many other companies hiring in your market.


Deliver an experience that leaves a lasting impression. Use immersive content to relay your company’s story and mission to build confidence and excitement with prospective employees.

“We’ve bought a lot of tools and technologies over the years that often don’t live up to the hype, but DIGIDECK absolutely has.”

-Kent Callison, GameTime
Director of Marketing

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