Recruit candidates across the country with custom digital presentations that will excite them to learn more.

An Unforgettable, Streamlined Recruiting Experience

Recruiting talent, let alone top talent across enterprise, sports, and beyond is harder than ever

Dynamic Multimedia

Impress first-time job-seekers to C-Suite or Front Office staff with pixel-perfect presentations complete with endless videos, infographics, images, and more.

Immediate Engagement

As prospective talent explores their potential job/s in your presentation, encourage them to immediately engage with your hiring staff via chat or video conference – all directly in the presentation. 

Actionable Analytics

Arm your recruiters with the knowledge of who opened their presentation, when they opened it, and how long they looked at each slide to allow them to engage with the appropriate candidates at the appropriate time.


The job market is more competitive than ever and standing out is seemingly impossible with so many other companies hiring in our market


Deliver an experience that leaves a lasting impression with immersive content that gives the future faces of your team confidence in your delivery while building the excitement.

“We’ve bought a lot of tools and technologies over the years that often don’t live up to the hype, but DIGIDECK absolutely has.”

-Kent Callison, GameTime
Director of Marketing

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