Quick Start


Get up and running with your Master Deck in two weeks or less with this cost-effective offering. Clients select from pre-designed themes, customize them to their brand guidelines and still benefit from all of the great features that Digideck offers.

Quick To Market
Have a customized, on-brand Digideck in your hands and ready to use in under two weeks.

Cost Effective
Access 100% of the Digideck features and capabilities at a lower cost barrier to entry.

Customizable Themes
All pre-designed themes are flexible and multi-purpose, giving you complete control to select the right font & color palette to meet your brand standards.


Take your Digideck to the next level with our Platinum offering. Our team of experienced designers will work with you to build a completely custom Master Deck tailored to your unique preferences.

Custom Creative
Whether it’s animation, infographics or custom design, our in-house Design Agency will create a Master Deck that will elevate you above the competition and truly “wow” your prospects.

White Glove Services
Our team becomes your team! You’ll be assigned your very own onboarding manager and customer success team that will work with you every step of the way, ensuring your team is set up with everything needed to win.

Content Implementation
We’ll do the heavy lifting for you, building out your entire custom master deck.

Platinum Offerings
Custom Showroom


As Digideck’s premier solution, the sky is the limit. Whether you’re creating a digital product catalogue or are looking to replicate an in-store showroom experience online, our Custom Showroom is your versatile, connection catalyst. Access all of the Platinum benefits and then some.

Customer Favoriting
Create a personalized consultation with your clients, capturing their engagement and preferences as they use the Digideck platform to favorite products and categories.

Form Submission And Creation
Gather valuable customer information and preferences for direct import into your CRM.

Custom Presentation Automation
Digideck will automatically create a custom presentation using customer’s favorited content that can be automatically delivered to the customer’s email with a unique, trackable Digideck presentation link.