What’s the Best Content Automation Tool for Sellers?

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Content automation is technology that helps users automatically generate content for viewers, customers, etc. By saving time for sellers and adding value to buyers, it helps drive revenue and save teams massive amounts of time.

Consider this: a seller gets a request for information—but that seller is booked wall-to-wall for the day (an excellent problem to have). The first responder to a prospect will usually be the one who closes the deal, so this seller might be out of luck. What if their Martech stack + CRM automatically generated custom-tailored collateral for them to send to that prospect? What if all of the content the presentations they send out are automated as well? 

The upsides of automation are massive:

Is Content Automation Right for your Business?

For any eCommerce operation, it’s a no-brainer. But, operations with larger deal sizes + sales cycles need to be picky about what they’re getting. Most solutions are currently only focused on eCommerce, so here are the three keys to success with content automation for B2B + beyond.

  • The right automation
  • Built the right way
  • That works with your tech stack

Is content automation right for you? Let’s find out.

The Right Automation for Sales

Content automation for SMB, B2B, and Enterprise businesses have specific needs, and it’s tough to know what the right fit looks like.

Brands like Adobe have content automation products like Adobe Target. It’s top-of-the-line for simple B2C transactions where the sale is either closed-won in ten minutes or lost in ten seconds.

It saves hours by automating “If you like [blank], you’ll love [blank]” based on cookies, browser histories, etc., but if you’re working on closing a sponsorship deal worth $120K, it might not be beneficial.

Brands that go through prospecting, qualification, discovery, proposal, and decision stage need significantly more proof to validate their product. They need real collateral built-in PDFs, presentations, and one-sheets.

Content Automation for Sales Built The Right Way

This year, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic, and it owns content automation. It can do a lot, but there are some things we’re still too far away from (some would say that’s a good thing).

Automation Graphic

Once again, sellers run into a dilemma: 

If the automation can’t consider facial expressions in a demo, it won’t work.

If it can’t understand a soft “no” based on email cadence, the same goes.

Or if it can’t understand the line between pushy and proactive.

There’s a reason nobody’s buying a $200k car online. To sell something like that takes genuine, human intuition. That human intuition needs to be the basis for Content automation, not Artificial Intelligence.

Content Automation Built for a Sales Tech Stack

A sales tech stack needs every piece to be connected—content automation included. If content automation lives by itself, your sellers, your Customer Success team, and the rest of the office are in the dark about what customers see in their inboxes. That’s no good.

The best content automation is either built to integrate or already built into an integrated product. Without that, all of the information gathered stays in a silo. Insights from email campaigns, landing pages, CRM, + beyond won’t be factored into the content generated, eventually leading to a significant disconnect between what buyers actually want and what they’re getting.

Premier Tool for Content Automation

The content SMB, B2B, and Enterprise sellers need to automate are their more extensive presentations and collateral—not popups and upsells. It needs to understand how your sellers sell—and what they would actually want customers to see. Lastly, it needs to fit in seamlessly with your whole tech stack—Martech + CRM included.

DIGIDECK’s presentation platform makes selling easier while eliminating the time-wasters that aren’t helping your people sell more. With content automation available in two different facets, it’s the best choice for businesses.

DIGIDECK Capture Form-Fill:

  • Uses buyer’s form-fills to build a custom sales presentation automatically
  • Expedites qualification and discovery
  • Saves salespeople 5+ hours every week

DIGIDECK Capture Likes+Favorites:

  • Works during your presentations based on likes + favorites of buyers
  • Generates follow-up presentation filled with only their selections, and nothing else
  • Increases speed to market and limits the time between presentation and decision stage

We built our tools to make selling simple, and we built our business on revenue acceleration for all.

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