Transition to a New Sales Presentation Platform with Ease

Onboarding new software can be a daunting task. We often hear from customers who have had disappointing experiences in the past with other software they purchased. They wonder things like… “Do I have the resources to get started?” and “who will train my team?”

 Fortunately, these issues you may have experienced in the past are not the case while transitioning to Digideck. When exploring new technology opportunities, it is important to evaluate all of the organization’s implementation, training, and support processes. Switching to new software can be simple when executed by a professional team saving your sales organization time, money, and resources.

In the words of Jason Vanderground, the marketing director of our client Irwin Seating Company, 

“My only wish [with Digideck] is that we should have adopted it sooner.”

Here are reasons you should follow Jason’s advice and migrate to Digideck sooner rather than later. 

Seamless Implementation with Full-Support Onboarding Team


From the first time you interact with Sportsdigita, you can expect top-of-the-line service from our entire organization. More specifically, you are placed in the expert hands of Digideck’s Onboarding Team as soon as you become a partner of ours. What does our onboarding team do? Onboarding managers work closely with our sales, client success, support, and training teams to ensure a single point of contact for efficient and accurate answers to all your questions.  They ensure a seamless transition by guiding you and your team through the process of creating your deck, offering ideas, best practices, and keeping things on schedule.

When we sign a new partner at Sportsdigita, we are excited to extend a helping hand immediately with an onboarding kickoff call to better understand your dreams and inspirations for your future Digideck. 

“Your team made this a truly seamless transition and was extremely helpful throughout the entire onboarding process.”               

-New York Mets, VP

One of our biggest goals when onboarding a partner is to provide an experience as if they are one of our employees. Our onboarding team is committed to regularly communicate and answer questions quickly to ensure you and your team save time and can get started fast like you’re one of our own.

As Mike McAnally, owner of our partners at NordicClick says, “Everyone on the Sportsdigita team has been incredibly helpful and knowledgeable throughout the onboarding process.”

After the initial kickoff meeting, our team goes to work developing your dream sales presentation. This is called the master deck. To design an on-brand, professional master deck, the onboarding and creative team join forces to create a powerful and engaging presentation that can easily be tailored to your prospects and customers. Leave the dirty work to us, our team is expert at combining the deep functionality of your website with the ease of a presentation to bring your story to life. All that’s required from you is a series of approvals and feedback along the way — no disruption to your day-to-day workflow.

Digideck is a cloud-based platform, enabling our design team to utilize rich multimedia such as videos, animated GIFs, and high-resolution images to WOW your audience. All you have to do is submit them to us and we will place them in your master deck for you. 

Are you short on time and need a new presentation up and running fast? Ask how you can learn more about our quick start program. 

Save Resources with Digideck’s Expert Trainers


You read that right, you do not need to worry about training your sales or marketing team on using an entirely new sales presentation platform. Not only is Digideck notably more user-friendly than other sales enablement platforms, but the transition is also simple with Sportsdigita’s client success and support teams. 

After onboarding, you are introduced to a dedicated client success manager, as well as our expert Digideck training team. You can relax while our trainers do hands-on, virtual training with your team. Digideck comes with two onboarding training sessions and monthly client-only training webinars. All virtual options are also supported by an online support center that is updated weekly with feature enhancements, step-by-step articles, and educational pieces of content. 

Lastly, once your team has been fully implemented and trained, you have the opportunity to meet regularly with your client success manager where you can explore new use cases, best practices, and close more sales, faster.

What are you waiting for to get started with Digideck?