Your next essential sales enablement tool that your teams turn to for any meaningful communication with prospects and/or customers.

Simple Solutions During Every Sales Stage That Drive Results

DIGIDECK presentations can be leveraged at any or all sales stages with little effort from your team.


  • Customize presentations at scale by integrating DIGIDECK with Salesforce or any CRM
  • Through content automation, your prospects will always receive the most engaging and relevant content in their presentation


  • Track and leverage what information resonated with your prospects through presentation analytics


  • Increase engagement and build trust between your sellers and prospects with video conferencing or chatting directly in the presentation at any time

Closed Won

  • Create a world class experience by harnessing the power of all your tech to keep your customers engaged and empowered.


Too Much Time Spent Designing:
Your marketing and/or sales teams spend too much time customizing and building presentations that only serve as supplemental communication.


Quick And Easy Customization:
With a presentation platform, DIGIDECK not only makes customizing easy and quick, but also it provides your teams the ability to present (virtually or in-person) in the best and most engaging way possible

“Proposals that used to take hours to create now take a matter of minutes.”

We are thrilled with the custom DIGIDECK solution that allowed us to leverage the ticketing data inside our CRM system to automatically generate and update personalized presentations. With the data flowing back into CRM, we can also target follow-up to the members that need it most.
–Kristen Kobayashi, Visit Salt Lake,
Convention & Digital Services Manager

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