3 Ways Your Manufacturing Organization Can Use Digideck


3 Ways Your Manufacturing Organization Can Use Digideck


Whether your company specializes in manufacturing playgrounds or car engines, you need cutting-edge sales tools to keep up with your state-of-the-art factories and processes. With the increase in expertise across the industry, you need to set yourself apart from the competition and with highly visual, media-rich proposals and on-brand content. Explore three ways how Digideck can help your manufacturing organization win RFP’s and align your sales representatives.

Sell Your Top of Line Production Facility

Accentuate your successes and efficient processes by utilizing a sales platform that is easy to navigate and customizable. Tailor each experience to the prospect’s wants and needs. When walking through the presentation, your company should showcase how you plan to build their product and make them feel confident about doing business with your company. This customized approach will provide more value and quickly grow your connection with the customer.

From the production line to the finished product collection, showcase your expertise with visually appealing graphics. Long gone are the days of large PowerPoint file sizes with limited use of PNGs. Upload media-filled videos and 360-degree imagery to provide the best visual experience of your factory.

Submit RFP’s and WIN

Winning an RFP is always the goal, but having what it takes to win can be challenging in our digital era. The old copy and paste into a Powerpoint slide won’t cut it.

While others submit boring PDF files or plain Powerpoints, immediately impress with an interactive presentation. Instead of just telling them how you stand apart with words, show them!Utilize advanced factory tours and impactful images. This experience should clearly illustrate why the customer should want to do business with your manufacturing company. 

Secure Brand Messaging and Visuals

Control your brand messaging and product representation with your custom Master Deck. Personalized, prebuilt templates allow for your entire sales team to utilize one home base of slides to create a winning presentation in minutes. Give your sales representatives and dealers from across the country the same tools and approved messaging with global updates. Global updates allow your internal team to continuously develop new content at any time, right inside your master deck. Find confidence knowing that every new presentation created will always include the latest version of content and products. 

Gain further confidence in your reps and visibility of what slides they choose to show to prospects. Gain analytics and insights on their performance along with what content is resonating the most with potential customers.

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