Completing Your Total Tech Stack With Digideck & Denamico

MINNEAPOLIS (June 8) — Sportsdigita, an organization transforming presentation software to help sales and marketing teams align, is excited to share a partnership with Denamico. Denamico is a Diamond Tier Hubspot Solutions Partner providing a team of sales and marketing technology consultants and experts that operate at the intersection of business growth and technology.

Sportsdigita has partnered with Denamico to empower Hubspot and Digideck users with direct access to HubSpot experts to drive revenue, value, and a superior experience for their customers by solving the gaps in process and technologies between sales, marketing & customer service teams.

“Uniting sales, marketing, and customer success is at the core of both our missions,” says Anne McCullough, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Sportsdigita, “it was a no-brainer to arm our clients with a partner to help them grow.” 

“Teaming up with Sportsdigita and providing our clients with an industry-leading presentation platform in Digideck compliments and elevates how we can help businesses engage with prospects and customers using technology,” added Kristin Dennewill, President of Denamico. 

About Sportsdigita


Founded in 2010, Minneapolis-based Sportsdigita has revolutionized sales enablement in the sports and enterprise industry with its cloud-based presentation platform, the Digideck. Partnerships of Sportsdigita has expanded beyond sports into the enterprise industry including partnerships with UnitedHealth Group, Cargill, Ticketmaster, and Ace Hardware.

About Digideck


Designed for business and sports organizations, revenue teams are uniting through the power of Digideck. Digideck is an all-encompassing presentation platform that seamlessly creates efficiency and revenue growth from prospecting to retention. Unlike traditional presentation platforms, large file sizes and limited design are a thing of the past. Our product fuels engagement, brand consistency, and ease for all users and audiences. 

About Denamico


Denamico is a Diamond Tier HubSpot Solutions Partner with a team of technical and strategic revenue operations consultants who believe in the power of data, processes, and technology to accelerate growth at the new speed of business. Denamico helps businesses recognize and reduce friction in their sales, marketing, and customer service operations to improve the experience for all and remain focused on revenue growth opportunities.

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