Empower Digideck Users to Build Lasting Relationships Through Partnership with Gong

MINNEAPOLIS (April 8) – Sportsdigita, the technology organization transforming presentation software to help sales and marketing teams close more deals, today announced the integration of Gong into its platform. Gong is a best in class, revenue intelligence platform that leverages AI to capture interactions and deliver real-time insight that will help Digideck users win more deals and streamline their communication.


Sportsdigita has partnered with Gong to enable the users to record their Live meeting sessions within the Digideck platform and instantaneously sync that recording to their Gong account. This integration will empower users to use their recordings as an opportunity for more tailored conversations, personalized follow-ups, and to build a trusting relationship with the audience while increasing close rates. 


“Sportsdigita partners with advanced technology platforms to ensure ease of use and success for our partners,” Sportsdigita, CEO & Founder Angelina Lawton said. “We are excited for the opportunity that our partnership with Gong brings to the table. Integrating their intelligence within Digideck further solidifies Digideck’s position as the industry-leading sales enablement platform for enterprise business and sports organizations worldwide.”


Read our knowledge-based article to leverage the exponential power of Digideck and Gong working in tandem. 

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