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Today, most organizations are navigating uncharted waters. Sales teams have gone from the traditional days of “smile and dial” in-office to a new remote, touchless way of selling in a matter of months. In fact, according to Flexjobs there are currently 4.7 million people and counting in the U.S. working remotely. Furthermore, some forecasters predict ⅔ of office spaces will be eliminated entirely by the year 2030. 

With the transition to a hybrid or fully-remote sales team comes an increasing demand for technologies that empower sellers to increase their efficiency and shorten sales cycles. Equally important is the ability to utilize sales technologies from any environment (at-home or in-office) on any device. 

While your team continues to navigate this new remotely powered world, it is important to deploy the proper strategies to ensure your organization can (and will) achieve your sales goals and revenue numbers despite an ever-changing environment.

As your team continues to build and evolve your virtual selling strategies there are several key areas of focus to keep in mind to ensure your organization is successful and positioned well for the future:

There are currently 4.7 million people in the U.S. working remotely. Some forecasters predict ⅔ of office spaces will be eliminated entirely by the year 2030.

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We are in a world where expectations for “real-time” alerts and connection are mounting. Prospects desire (and expect) to be connected to their source of information almost immediately upon a virtual “hand raise.” Because of this “the quicker the better” mentality, it is important to ensure your current buyer journey and sales track prioritize the idea of immediacy.   

With new technologies such as chat bots, instant messaging, and more – connecting with prospects the moment they become engaged is now possible. With the release of Digideck LIVE, our platform now offers all of these instantaneous features in one central location: your Digideck. 

With Digideck LIVE sellers will be alerted the minute a prospect opens their sales presentation or proposal and can choose to engage in a chat, video conference, or co-browsing experience within minutes. This enables sellers to make the most of every interaction with prospects and dramatically speed up the sales cycle while assisting buyers along their journey.


Like immediacy, a cohesive and integrated strategy is also important to virtual selling. Putting the proper technologies to work for your team can pay off in major ways – especially when they integrate with each other. Your CRM, presentation platform, communication channel, email automation system, and more can all integrate seamlessly to make your entire sales tech stack streamlined. 

With Digideck LIVE your team can further optimize your strategies by bypassing zoom, slack, and other applications and work entirely out of one location: Digideck. Digideck LIVE includes several features that can replace or alter your dependencies on other technologies including:

  • In app chat and video conferencing
  • Real-time presentation viewing alerts
  • Co-browsing and screen sharing 

Investing in sales technology is important, but more critical is leveraging those technologies and ensuring your money is put to good use. Integration is one way to ensure your technology implementation is both effective and profitable.


Delivering a top-notch, immersive virtual selling experience is key to driving revenue growth and building a positive rapport with your prospects. From the moment a prospect is connected with a seller, their experience can make or break the purchasing decision.

Selling virtually introduces new challenges that can be overcome with the proper technologies and tactics in place. When building presentations or proposals consider using rich multimedia such as video to deliver a more engaging, dynamic experience. Additionally, when possible, turn on your webcam to “add a face to the name” with your prospects while creating a more “human” experience. 

Digideck LIVE enables your team to deliver a world class experience when communicating with prospects without ever directing them to leave your presentation. Prospects can open a presentation, directly chat with their sales rep, engage in video conferencing to answer their questions, and submit their purchase without EVER having to leave the platform. From start to finish, your audience experience will be unrivaled with the extensive opportunity Digideck LIVE provides.

Win The Meeting, Close The Deal

Virtual selling is here to stay – it is imperative to implement the proper strategy to position your team for the new, touchless future of selling. By addressing your prioritization of: immediacy, cohesive integration, and audience experience your organization can perform at an elite level and rack in more “wins” than ever before. It is time to bring the future of sales to your team’s fingertips with the cloud-based power of Digideck LIVE.

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